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Santa Rosa Trail - Wildwood Park

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Volcanic outcroppings, great views Santa Rosa & Conejo valleys
Near:Thousand Oaks, CA
Distance:5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:500 ft
Hike Time:2.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: This is a pleasant hike along Mountclef Ridge in Wildwood Park. The hike provides lovely views of the Santa Rosa Valley to the Santa Susana and Topatopa Mountains, as well as the Conejo Valley to the Santa Monica Mountains. There is little shade along the trail, and the vegetation is mostly scrub brush. The spring is my favorite time to do this hike, when the hills are green and the wildflowers in blossom.

Note that once you reach the end of the Santa Rosa Trail and start heading down a service road into a housing development, route finding gets a little confusing. You head down the service road, turn right on the unmarked Lower Butte trail, the left on Wildwood avenue, then right on the jogging path that takes you back to Avenida De Los Arboles.

The day I did this hike it was hazy to the south and foggy on the north side of Mountclef ridge, so I really didn't get any photos of the spectacular views.

Trailhead: From the Moorpark Freeway (23), exit on Avenida de Los Arboles and go north. Follow de Los Arboles until it ends at Big Sky Drive. Make a U-turn and the park entrance is on the right side of the road. (Lat:34.21999 Lon:-118.90199)
Trail Guides for Santa Rosa Trail - Wildwood Park:
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by Robert Stone  (Day Hike Books)

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by Cathy Philipp  (Cathy Philipp Publishing)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Bikes, Horses,
Ranger Contact: Conejo Rec & Park District - 805-495-6471
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Jim Zuber, who has posted  104 other hikes on this site
Trail Reviews  Page 1 of 2   Submit your own review
Reviewed by FrDave on 9/21/2012
Done this trail twice, although I never did just the Santa Rosa.. I went ahead and followed the lower butte trail all theway around the subdivion, coming out on a great point above and overlooking the valley (and the main parking lot) Only drawback is that this route ENDS on Wildwood avenue without any ado... I take a left, then the first right (big sky drive) and just walk the sidewalk back (it's almost 1 mile) but the rest of the hike makes it worth while...

Reviewed by Vinny on 8/2/2012
Nice trail, and is one of the least taken and quiet if that's what you are looking for. The climb up the mountain is a bit arduous, so perhaps take a break at the top because the rest of the trail is various declines and inclines. No shade on the trail, so be prepared to get tanned. Awesome views of the farms and homes along Santa Rosa Pass, one of my favorite drives. The trail ends in a neighborhood, follow the hill down and back to the parking lots.

Reviewed by Pat on 3/28/2010
Did the hike downhill from TO to Camarillo. Saw what i think was a king snake.

Reviewed by Wild Bill on 1/26/2009
I really enjoy Wildwood. It's a wonderful beautiful place.

Reviewed by NDP on 3/20/2008
I just came back from my hike through Santa Rose Trail and it was not really difficult either. Once you get to the top you feel like you accomplished something. A beautiful view from the top!!!

Reviewed by RPM on 3/18/2008
Very pretty but freaked out and turned around because I saw two snakes -- one I'm told was a gopher snake the other a baby rattlensnake. Not a big deal I guess but a narrow trail and I was alone. Really nice trail and this early in the spring so green and lots of wildflowers. I'd probably hike it again with a buddy, but not alone! Hiked another Wildwood trail (Moonridge) two days later and ran into another snake (gopher I think). Wildwood is beautiful, worth a look for anyone in the area, especially when it's green.

Reviewed by hailey kundert on 5/1/2007
i loved it! it was so pretty out there and i learned a lot of things i never knew before. ihad not hiked in a long time so it was super fun

Reviewed by hk on 5/1/2007
i would like to learn more

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