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Agua Caliente Hill

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A strenuous hike to a unique desert summit
Near:Tucson, AZ
Distance:9.25 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:3018 ft
Hike Time:7 hours
Trail Condition:Poorly maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Agua Caliente Hill is uniquely positioned between Tucson's Santa Catalina Mountains, the Rincons Mountains and very close to downtown Tucson. The hike is relavely long and strenuous but the incredible views of both mountain ranges make it worth the effort.

The first quarter of the hike follows an old overgrown jeep trail. After following the jeep trail for about 2.5 miles this trail merges with another trail that approaches from Agua Caliente Canyon. After another 0.5 miles you will reach a saddle which is the intersection with yet another trail (official trail), there is a trail marker at this location. The rest of hike follows the obvious ridgline to the top of the peak. The views from the peak are excellent. This is a great location to view Tanque Verde Peak and the Douglas Springs route to Mica Mountain.

Trailhead: From downtown Tucson follow Speedway east to its intersection with Wilmot. Follow Wilmot north to Tanque Verde. Follow Tanque Verde for about 7.5 miles to Soldier. Follow Soldier to Prince and turn right, follow Prince for a mile to Wentworth. Turn left on Wentworth and look for a place to park. I followed a dirt road for about a half of a mile to a pullout. This is where the trail begins. Note that are several possible starting points for this hike. If for whatever reason this trailhead is not accessible consult a map for other options. In my opinion this is the best starting point for the hike because few people follow this route so there will be much less traffic on the lower portion of the hike. (Lat:32.27744 Lon:-110.7205)
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Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Bikes, Horses,
Ranger Contact: Coronado National Forest: (520)749-8700
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Rob Brinkerhoff, who has posted  33 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Susan on 3/1/2013
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Reviewed by AZDean on 2/22/2013
Last year I was so frustrated not being able to hike like I wanted that I started losing weight (I weighed 330 pounds). This past Saturday, after losing nearly 50 pounds and working up stamina on other trails, I made it to the top of Agua Caliente Hill. I've had so much fun hiking that I've started blogging about them at This includes some pretty cool iPhone panorama pictures that now hang in my office, and even better GoogleEarth videos of the hikes that I finally figured out how to do.

Reviewed by Viewer on 2/19/2012
Agree with other reviewers, can NOT access the trailhead from Prince Road. Take Soldier Trail to Ft. Lowell to Camino Remuda to the Trail head. Anyway, it's a great hike, one of my Tucson favorites.

Reviewed by Tricia on 5/31/2011
Very nice hike. Great weather today (high 82 degrees)for this hike. Views are incredible at the top of the summit. I looked for a sign at the end of the trail. There is no sign, however there is a jar with a notepad and pencils to sign your name. Lots of wildlife. Will repeat this hike soon!

Reviewed by Kevin on 6/10/2007
This is a great trail to hike, especially at night. I have seen everything from rattlesnakes to gila monsters. About a quarter of the way up there is a refreshing water hole for those hikers anxious to take a swim and plenty of high cliffs to jump off. Great place to take friends.

Reviewed by paulrocco c on 4/30/2007
4/30/07 I wanted to add and recommend that for the warm part of the year, if you can get out and back early, and go to the 3 mile marker--it would be a very nice experience to enjoy. The last challenging last 1.5 miles is in 2 parts(and to me isn't worth it): the peak you think is agua calente is actually half way; once on it you have another steep climb.

Reviewed by paulrocco c on 4/29/2007
04/29/07 we entered from the soldier trail rd>ft lowell>Camino Ancho>Camino ramuda trail head entrance. It is 4.5M to top with another trail marker at the saddle (3 mile mark) It is officially too hot and very buggy (gnat swarms) in late april to enjoy this- a very good cool season hike-great views all the way. Last 1.5 miles is callenging (a real cardio workout!)Log at the end is fun idea! Read others comments-good feelings! We met all very nice people on the way. Verizon cel phone work there byw bonjourno all :) enjoy!

Reviewed by Chuck on 2/24/2007
Took the Northern route in - pretty much a long slog up a jeep trail. There was no doubt about where you were going. Retruned vie the southerly route, I think this was more interesting, with lots of saguaros. I think the eastern trail is longer than the northern route. There was a USGS monument at the summit - right near the campfire and visitor log.

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