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Big Bald Rock Trail

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views of Sacramento Valley and Coast Range
Near:Oroville, CA
Distance:1 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:200 ft
Hike Time:1 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Take a short stroll through the forest to these
impressive rock formations. Big Bald Rock
offers spectacular views overlooking Oroville
Lake and the Sacramento Valley. The trail is an
easy walk with a scramble over rocks near the

(The trail is generally open for hiking from February
to December, snow and road conditions permitting.)

We posted no pictures of the view.WeI want this spectacular thing to be a surprise.

Trailhead: reach Trailhead by taking the Oroville-Bucks Lake Rd (Hwy 162). Turn right on Bald Rock Rd. At USFS road 21N33Y turn off to the picnic area/trailhead (Lat:39.64593 Lon:-121.34077)
Trail Guides for Big Bald Rock Trail:
Trails of the Feather River Region
by Scott J. Lawson (Valderi Valdera Publishing)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Feather River Ranger District, (530) 534-6500 (Oroville)
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Pamella and Andy, who has posted  2 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by David on 8/22/2010
Took my family (kids 7,5,3 and 1) there. Only draw back is that the drive is a little long and windy (30 minutes from Loafer Creek Recreation Area at Lake Oroville to the Trail Head). The hike is easy and there are lots of great places to climb, photo and of course the view. Make sure you go to the highest point to get the best views.

Reviewed by Justin L on 6/13/2010
very easy walk, very short hike. make sure you pick the correct trail. there's another trail by the restroom and it's not the correct one. it's about 7 mins walk to the rock and it's pretty nice view. will come back again.

Reviewed by CSUCHICOstudent on 9/7/2009
Hike to the view was fairly easy. There is restroom available in the parking lot. There are other trails in the area too, just be sure to take the trail that is marked, "trail". My bf and I took the wrong trail for about 40 minutes until we finally met some people who told us we took the wrong trail. When on the correct trail, it took us no more than 5 minutes to get to the view. It was beautiful. I would definitely go back again. Got great pictures. I'm sure during sun rise and sun set would had also been great pictures.

Reviewed by bonnie on 6/4/2008
Big Bald Rock is a beautiful hike. Once you get to the top you feel like you'r on top of the world. The view of the lake, mountains and valley is spectacular and streaches on for miles. Being able to watch a pair of eagles soar together so closely was a privalage. Once your up, you'll never want to come down.

Reviewed by Gayle on 11/26/2007
I've hiked to Bald Rock twice now and will definitely be back again. The views are spectacular! I highly recommend this hike to everyone who has an interest in the outdoors.

Reviewed by Bill on 7/18/2007
This really isn't a NEW review, but I've had to change the URL of my photos taken on the hike made by my granddaughter Cheyenne and I on 7/3/2007. Now, please visit to experience those pictures. Thank you...

Reviewed by Orchard Church on 7/7/2007
We took a group of 20 or so, mostly jr. high kids, rock climbing and rappelling. We had a great time exploring and seeing some of God's awesome creation.

Reviewed by Bill & Cheyenne on 7/3/2007
Great hike, and view once you get to the top. See my photos at I'm a 67 year old grampa with stiff knees that uses a cane, so if I can make it, you can too. Then you could stop at the Sugar Pine (you'll pass it on the drive up) on the way down for a great burger.

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