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Christman Sanctuary

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beautiful creek, 30 ft waterfall, close to home, easy hike
Near:Delanson, NY
Distance:2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:300 ft
Hike Time:1 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots

Summary: Christman Sanctuary is a nature preserve that protects part of the Bozen Kill creek. Along the creek there are a series of small waterfalls and cascades.

From the parking area, follow the trail through the field to the sign-in register just inside the forest. Continue left on the trail with blue markers which will take you down to the creek. After about 1/2 mile, if the creek is low enough, you can cross and follow the Plantation Trail. It is best to follow this loop trail (marked with orange) in a clockwise direction.

The blue trail continues along the creek to a T-intersection. Go straight ahead and then down some steps. You will soon reach the base of the 30 foot waterfall. This is a nice picnic spot with a lean-to.

To return, retrace your steps to the T-intersection. Take a left and follow the trail back to the register.

Trailhead: From Albany, take US 20 (Western Ave) West toward Duanesburg. Turn left onto Schoharie Turnpike. The parking area is on the left at top of hill just after crossing the railroad - about 3.3 miles from US 20. (Lat:42.743 Lon:-74.129)
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Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Nature Conservancy of Eastern NY (518) 272-0195
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by George Senft, who has posted  26 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by DJ on 7/9/2014
This was a fun hike today! Though hiking in was quite sloppy and you will wreck your shoes or sneakers- so please wear boots or water shoes. So much to see on this hike! The Falls are beautiful and the high one had hikers who went right out on the edge of the highest one- even a photo shoot there- not smart to chance it on the edge! Would recommend- but be careful on the trails- pretty steep with no rails - so watch the kiddos well!

Reviewed by Fritz on 10/28/2013
We hiked the blue, the red, the yellow and even the orange(someone bought the wrong color?). Easy to lose your way even though the trails are well marked. Not a good trail for small children or anyone without footwear with traction and good balance. That said, this is a great place to go exploring with or without water running over the falls. In the spring or after rain, definitely use footwear that can get wet for exploring and crossing the creek at various points. Dolls eye berries(watch those small children again), poison ivy and interesting non-toxic vegetation throughout. Allow three hours to fully explore the area and it's dramatic terrain, features and getting lost (especially with leaves on the ground).

Reviewed by Deb on 10/27/2013
Very nice hike, trail was well maintained. Enjoyed both the blue and orange trail, altho we did lose the trail at one point. Leaves on the ground hid the path! Path to falls had great "assists" to navigate a narrow path. First time on one of the Nature Conservancy paths and it was very enjoyable.

Reviewed by chris owen on 9/21/2013
We hiked the blue trail considered easier but it wasn't as easy as other hikes. There are challenging tree roots every footlength and if not tree roots to trip on, then rocks. Not a place want to bring your dog because the dog would spend its entire time trying to sidestep all the foot obstacles. Would recommend this hike for children 9 yrs and older, there's some tricky spots where you'd be worried for a child under the age of nine. We agree with the other reviews pack a lunch you would want to sit for a while at the waterfall.

Reviewed by Matt on 7/13/2013
We walked all of the trails, a loop south of the creek and a loop North of the creek, probably around 3 miles total, and spend 1 1/2 hours without much standing around. It was overcast, humid and about 80 degrees in the middle of July following two very wet months, and especially outside of the woods there were some deer flies buzzing us, but inside of the woods it was only occasional. Thankfully about 85% of the trails are in the woods. There are only a couple of steep parts of the trails, definitely fine for kids. If you go when it is colder in the Spring or Fall, it might be nice to bring a lunch and hang out by the falls or any number of the flat spots. Take a photo of the map before going in so you don't get confused.

Reviewed by Amy on 5/10/2013
Very nice, the trails are marked beautifully and its all loops which makes it nice for beginners. We went down in the creek and it was nice, slighty buggy...bring bugspray! The waterfall was dripping and sounded nice but it would be so nice to see it really coming down!

Reviewed by Deb on 9/26/2012
Nice hike although there were no falls. Water very low. Blue trail markers a bit confusing. Somehow we ended up on orange and made it back to the car. My printout suggested dogs were welcome but when we arrived the sign said no pets. We felt bad breaking the rules but had driven all that way with 3 dogs in tow. Not sure why no dogs. It really is a fine hike for them. Salamaders we saw along the way were adorable!

Reviewed by C&O on 9/2/2012
We almost made it but then we saw the sign for Altamont Vineyard....

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