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Cooper Canyon Falls

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Pine and cedar forest, 35ft waterfall, lovely creek, mountain views, high desert
Near:Tujunga, CA
Distance:7.09 miles
Elevation Gain:1796 ft
Hike Time:4 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Point to Point

Summary: This is one of the most enjoyable hikes around the Los Angeles area. The hike moves through pristine wilderness area along a magnificent section of the Pacific Crest Trail. Fragrant pine and cedar forests loom overhead with the soothing sound of trickling water in Cooper Canyon creek just dazzles the senses. After crossing the creek in Cooper Canyon you will see a large waterfall up to the left which is accessible by using a steep trail down to a large pool at the base. Cooper Canyon Falls just roars in the springtime! Continuing on, soon you will see Mt. Williamson emerging in the background and you will arrive at Little Rock Creek, a great place to have lunch before starting the final ascent up the trail. On the way back up you will encounter Rattlesnake Spring, a lightly cascading waterfall that sounds like a soothing indoor fountain and a much needed respite as you grind your way back up to Eagle's Roost parking area.
Trailhead: From the 210 Fwy drive north up the Angeles Crest Hwy for approximately 37.5 miles past Buckhorn Campground to Eagle's Roost. Leave one car at Eagle's Roost parking area then drive the second car back down 5.4 miles past Buckhorn again to Cloudburst Summit parking area. (Lat:34.35163 Lon:-117.9345)
Trail Guides for Cooper Canyon Falls:
Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles
by Jerry Schad  (Wilderness Press)

Trails of the Angeles: 100 Hikes in the San Gabriels
by John W. Robinson (Wilderness Press)

Best Seasons: Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Angeles National Forest 818-899-1900
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Eric Altizer, who has posted  13 other hikes on this site
Trail Reviews  Page 1 of 5   Submit your own review
Reviewed by RLB on 5/27/2013
Hiked down from Cloudburst Summit on 5/23. Stayed overnight at Cooper Canyon Trail Camp and day hiked from there to the falls. Perfect outing for my 10 year old daughter and friends. Falls are beautiful as are the redwoods along the canyon and near the trail camp. Great hike.

Reviewed by BigQuiche on 4/9/2012
One of my faves... Went on Easter morning with a friend, snow patches smaller than normal at this time of year. Water levels lower too. Still great.

Reviewed by Marty on 2/2/2012
Just went out there last weekend (1/28-1/29) and hiked to the falls and camped at Cooper Canyon Trail Camp. Beautiful area, I'd definitely go back. Trip report here.

Reviewed by JBR on 7/3/2011
We hiked from Cloudburst to Eagle's Roost. Eagle's Roost parking area is not well marked so go by the mileage in the directions description. It's a bit dicey going down to the falls, we had our dog with us so once we got down we had to look for a better way back up downstream. The falls were beautiful and the water was so refreshing. Past the rattlesnake crossing the trail becomes difficult to navigate and dangerous. It is largely landslide zones with very narrow trails and loose footing with steep drop-offs on the downside. It is a hot hike up to the parking area in the summer with little to no flat place to rest. There are many fallen trees which can be difficult to cross unless you are pretty nimble, dogs had trouble with them as well

Reviewed by Yee-Horn on 6/29/2011
Hiked on 06/18/11 frm Cloudburst to Eagle. Trail frm Cloudburst to falls is pretty good. The falls were quite substantial and the water clear and cool. Frm falls to Eagle, after the first fork crossing stream, there were several land slides making the trail either invisible or difficult to cross. At a trail fork where the left fork going uphill with a falling big tree over and the right fork going downhill. According the the GPS, the left fork is the trail. However, the trail condition was really bad and we had to cut through soft dirt or rocks in order to get up to the trail. After reaching the end, several person who took the right fork found a trail to the parking. However, my track shows I was actually on the right trail on the topo map

Reviewed by T.J. on 10/15/2010
A really nice hike but one in which I haven't taken for a few years. Are they EVER going to open Angeles Crest? And more importantly, are they ever going to catch the guy who decided to destroy the wilderness? If you don't mind make the longer drive on Tujunga or up the backside this is a great spot to check out.

Reviewed by ANW on 9/21/2010
Hey. This may be an ignorant question, but I'm not too familiar with these trail heads and the directions are very vague for an amateur. I'd love to hike this trail, could someone help me with more detailed directions to the trial heads and where to park!? Thank you in advance!

Reviewed by PK on 9/9/2010
Area doesn't look burnt, but the campsite is closed off, so if you want to get to the falls, you'll have a bit of a trek to manage to get there!

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