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Mt Tammany - Delaware Water Gap Views

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Delaware Water Gap Views, Portion of the AT, nice and refreshing stream
Near:Bushkill, PA
Distance:3 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1550 ft
Hike Time:2 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: Great hike to admire the Delaware Water Gap from high ground. Perfect if you are in the area doing some other activities (like kayaking/canoeing, fishing, swimming) and want to do a quick and easy/moderate hike.

You want to ascend through the Mt. Tammy Trail (Red Dot Trail). The first part will be young woods, followed by a steep rocky ascent. From the top you will enjoy the DW Gap greatness. You follow the trail north to the junction with the Blue Dot Trail where you can also enjoy good views - of NJ state.

You descend through the Blue dot trail. Plenty of wildlife here. If you walk quietly you may find deer like we did. This trail ends at the Dunfield Brook (swimming/splashing area). From there you have to take the Appalachian Trail in the south direction. The AT will bring you back to your car.

Trailhead: Dunnfield parking area just off Interstate 80. This is right after you cross the Gap Toll Bridge (if you come from PA), or before crossing it (if you come from New Jersey). This is an Appalachian Trailhead parking as well. You will return through the Appalachian Trail, but you should look for the Mt Tammany Trailhead for your starting point (Red Dot Trail). (Lat:40.97135 Lon:-75.12429)
Trail Guides for Mt Tammany - Delaware Water Gap Views:
Appalachian Trail Guide to New York - New Jersey
by Daniel Chazin (Appalachian Trail Conference)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Worthington state forest 973-841-9575, NPS DWGap - (570) 588-2435
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Jose Anes, who has posted  25 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
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Reviewed by Viewer on 10/28/2012
First time I took my 2 year old dog, she loved it. She is a athletic, musucular american straffordshire. She was apprehensive at first of the view when we were high up. Nobody was hiking, because most of the forest was closed, except the red dot trail, because of the proposed "storm of the century" Sandy coming our way. It was cloudy, but the hiking is beautiful, no mattrer what the weather is. The hike, took awhile, since I took alot of pictures with my phone and small camera, of the views and my dog posing on rocks during the hike. I wouldn't recommend this hike for certain dogs, unless they are in somewhat decent shape First, time went by myself and enjoyed the quiet, taking in everything around me, with no distractions.

Reviewed by Taylor on 4/30/2011
There are 2 parking lots when you enter an upper and a lower.While there was a sign for picnicing on one, either will do. If you can get a spot in the upper lot take it as it's one way and parking is tight. Good landscape scenery, unfortunately didnt see as much wildlife as others have (would have liked a picture of the bear). We parked at the lower lot for the "hikers" and didnt really see the red trail to start with. We took the blue trail for the ascent and then the red and white trail back down which got us back to our car but a little less direct.Scenery was nice from the top of the red and white trail. Birds soar nicely over the Deleware as you sit on the mountain. Might be difficult for younger kids. Steep parts

Reviewed by CDG on 9/8/2010
Passed by this area a lot of times and decided last weekend to go hiking. First time hiking in NJ. The red trail was challenging with lots of rocks. But very nice at top. Didn't know about the sunfish pond, will extend the hike next time.

Reviewed by DougCC on 8/28/2010
The red trail is a challenging climb(at least for me) to the top of Mr. Tammany, and the spectacular view is well worth the effort. I extended this hike by taking the Blue trail down then taking the Dunnfield Hollow trail to Sunfish Pond, then back to the parking lot via the AT. Saw 2 black bears on the way back from Sunfish Pond.

Reviewed by keith on 6/26/2009
awesome next time ill bring a camera

Reviewed by Rob on 7/16/2008
For the first time I took my kids hiking.I hiked alot while in my younger years and thought this would be a good start for the girls.well yesterday we started at 8oclock and went up the blue trail to the overlook took us like 1.5 hours to get to the top where there was a clearing and about 40 feet to our left was a BIG BLACK BEAR.It looked up at us and went right back to eating I turned around and booked about 100yards with both girls in each arm.My girls cant wait to go back!!

Reviewed by Michael on 5/25/2008
This hike is very sentimental to me. Back in '94 I hiked this trail with my class (I was in 8th grade at the time). Today I hiked it with my fiance who proved that she is in great shape by never wanting to stop once. We loved taking pictures at the summit and plan to one day take our kids up the same trail!

Reviewed by ecl on 3/14/2008
I've reached the top in 35 minutes (red dot) on a nice Spring day and the same trail in 70 minutes with trail covered in ice. I'd advise caution to anyone hiking this trail when ice/snow is present. The steepest parts can be quit treacherous with ice on the rocks, and I certainly wouldn't take my wife and/or children on the trail under such conditions. Going down the blue trail is fairly easy unless ice is present...

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