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Douglas Spring Trail

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Easy trail with waterfall view
Near:Tucson, AZ
Distance:6 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1000 ft
Hike Time:3 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: This is an excellent introductory hike for someone who normally doesnt get out there. You can negotiate the trail with ease in a pair of tennis shoes, but hiking boots will enable you to continue farther up the trail. This trek doesnt end at Bridal Wreath Falls, but it is a common end point for most hikers. The scenery is classic Sonoran Desert Scrub, and the further you go on the trail, the more you get. For most begginers, the reward of a beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike, is about they need to get hooked. I've personally introduced a lot of "never hiked before" folks to the outdoors by taking them on this hike. The whole family from toddlers to elderly enjoy this trek on a regular basis, not many steep hills and lots of hikers to keep you company. For those more experienced backpackers who plan to stay overnight, you'll need a permit available from the Saguaro National Park office.
Trailhead: From Downtown Tucson, take Speedway Blvd Eastbound toward the Rincon mountain range. Speedway dead-ends at the trailhead. (Lat:32.14 Lon:-110.41)
Trail Guides for Douglas Spring Trail:
Tucson Hiking Guide
by Betty Leavengood (Pruett Publishing Companey)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Horses,
Ranger Contact: Suguaro National Park 3693 Old Spanish Trail, Tucson AZ. 85730 (520) 733-5153
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by John McKenna, who has posted  8 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Michelle on 1/11/2015
I am absolutely amazed at the people who decide to go out into nature and decide that they can't handle a little poop. Step over it. Some of the most beautiful plants you see growing around you are thanks to that nice big and sweet smelling horse manure. This trail is gorgeous for those who are looking for beauty and aren't too busy counting horse manure piles. :-)

Reviewed by Dave on 8/27/2014
While not easy it is a very "civilized" hike with a well maintained trail and moderate elevation gain. Try to go after a recent rainfall or during snow melt to enjoy the best water flow. There is more horse poop in Sabino Canyon than we found along this trail.

Reviewed by Jane on 7/22/2014
This would be a nice trail if horses weren't allowed. If you don't mind dodging and smelling horse poop then you will probably like this trail. I wouldn't say its an easy hike. My 70 year mother found the terrain a little tricky in places. We didn't make it the falls because we got tired of the horses & their poop.

Reviewed by Donovan on 3/5/2013
Allow me to throw in my 2ยข worth ... trail is definitely NOT easy, but it is well within the capabilities of most people. The views back toward the valley are legendary, and are alone worth the hike, but Bridal Falls is gorgeous when it's running (in mid- to late-summer, it may not be running, depending on recent rain), and there are several shorter trails you can detour to from Douglas Spring if you like (some are shorter, but not easier, Carillo for example has several very steep segments). My favorite hike.

Reviewed by kathryn on 3/2/2013
This hike is not easy, particularly since it is south facing slope most of the way and can be very hot. There is a lot of stair steps up to the bridal falls, I have not been beyond since this a 6 mile round trip. To Douglas Falls is a 12 mile round trip. Not easily doable in a day unless it is really flat from the bridal falls junction. Very nice in March with the water still running at bridal falls but lots of climbing, way more than 1000 feet.

Reviewed by AZDean on 2/22/2013
I've hiked the trails at the end of Speedway more than any other in Tucson. They are all beautiful and you can take your pick and go as short or as far as you like. I recently made it in five miles on the trail and its amazing how everything changes the further up you go. The views are fantastic wherever you are on the trail. This is been such great fun to me that I've started blogging about my hikes at This includes some pretty cool iPhone panorama pictures that now hang in my office, and even better GoogleEarth videos of the hikes.

Reviewed by Viewer on 3/24/2012
The term "easy" on some of the park literature is misleading, as some parts of the trail are very narrow and quite steep. However, it is a beautiful hike, and with sufficient time (I took 6 hours as I was birdwatching and taking pictures) and lots of water and food, it was a very interesting worthwhile hike. There were many lizards out and about, a few desert birds and several species of butterflies. The scenery is magnificent. I wish that horses could be kept off the trail as it is too narrow in some places to pass comfortably. I recommend the hike highly and hope to do the trip again next year

Reviewed by Victoria on 12/2/2011
Really fun hike with outstanding views the whole way. Great workout and very scenic with tons of variety. Easily one of my favorites.

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