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Duck Creek Trail (Wetlands Park)

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130 acre nature preserve located in Las Vegas valley, easy walk or bike ride
Near:Las Vegas, NV
Distance:2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:10 ft
Hike Time:1 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: This is both an unexpected and pleasant surprise for both visitors and Las Vegas residents. The Wetlands Park protects 2900 acres of unique & varied wildlife habitat. The Las Vegas wash flows through this park, supporting fragile & threatened areas of marsh & riparian habitat. Coyote, quail & rabbit are prolific along the wash, and wetlands, especially at dawn & dusk. There is no fee to use these trails and the main trailhead (on Broadbent Blvd.) & parking is open 24 hours. The trail is broken into 2 short, connected loops - Quail Run & Coyote; when you do them both + walk to the preserve and back, you can make it into a 2 mile walk. The fire last year burned the observation tower; hopefully it will be rebuilt. When you are walking amongst the reeds, marshes & meadows, with the city noise a distant hum; you can almost image what it must have been like in Las Vegas when the wetlands covered this area, and game was prolific. Picnic area at trailhead but no RR.
Trailhead: Duck Creek trail system is located at the Clark County Wetlands Park, just S of the Nature Preserve (entrance at 7050 Wetlands Park Lane). The Duck Creek trail can be reached from the Nature Preserve by walking 1/4 mile SW past the entrance (sign). The Preserve is open dawn to dusk and includes another 5 miles of trails for hikers only, including a concrete ADA trail along the Las Vegas Wash and several ponds. The main trailhead and entrance for the Duck Creek trails is located on Broadbent Blvd (1 1/2 miles E of Boulder Hwy) -- it is the Duck Creek trails that are open for hikers, dogs and bicycles. From Las Vegas Blvd (or I-15 fwy), head E on Tropicana Avenue a little more than 7 miles to Boulder Hwy (old Nevada Hwy). Continue on Tropicana E past Boulder Hwy as Tropicana turns into Broadbent Blvd, 1 1/2 miles past Boulder Hwy to main trailhead and parking area. If you reach the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, you've gone too far. (Lat:36.09365 Lon:-115.02411)
Trail Guides for Duck Creek Trail (Wetlands Park):
Clark County Wetlands Park free map and brochure
by Clark County Parks & Rec (Clark County)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Bikes,
Ranger Contact: Clark County Parks & Rec (702) 455-7522, Park Police (emerg) (702) 455-7532
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Kat Green, who has posted  86 other hikes on this site
Trail Reviews  Submit your own review
Reviewed by NS on 11/11/2012
I would not say this was a hike but more of a walking nature trail. I just moved here from Portland Oregon and we appreciate hiking and walking trails. The trails here are paved and nicely planned out. Great for kids to safely explore. I was really surprise how nice it is. Safe and friendly for joggers, strollers and wheel chairs.

Reviewed by frank on 6/27/2011
I have kids ages 11,13 and 18.we havebeen going to the wetlands park for over 12 yrs before it started getting so popular and busy. My kids still love it today. We have seen coyotes,many different species of ducks,fruit bats,catfish,bluegill,carp,hard and softshell turtles,cranes,crawfish,trout,rabbits,roadrunners.growing up myself in wisconsin i can appreciate this place and the great improovmenents that have been made over the years.i you go there rite around dusk and sit quietly you may see some o the wildlife i just listed..

Reviewed by Tim on 2/20/2011
This hike is in a great location right on the East side Las Vegas near several sub-divisions. This is a concrete follow the path type of hike. Great for a 2 hour stroll or find a bench watch and watch planes flying over the city or at the local rc park near by.

Reviewed by Mayra on 10/2/2010
I went hiking today with my twenty year old son at Duck Creek Trail and we were looking forward to the hike. As we started walking we noticed the nice paved trail and figured we would start seeing some hiking grounds which we didnt see much of that... this is more like a "man made" hiking area... it's nicely kept but not much to see.. as far as "wildlife"... we saw two running rabbits...& some ducks trying to make their way through the pond which was not different than seeing one in the city that has not been cleaned in a while. There is a nice little hill to take pictures of the mountains in the background. There is a few places to sit to take a break if you want to. I guess we were expecting to see alot more "scenery" & be able to hike.

Reviewed by Viewer on 8/9/2010

Reviewed by Precious on 4/2/2010
I have three children, ages 3, 11, and 13, and this was a wonderful hike for all of us! I've lived here for 5 years and at one time, even lived about a quarter mile away, yet had no idea such a beautiful oasis was right in the middle of the city. Lots of wildlife, smaller trails for the intrepid junior explorers, and a main paved path for the less adventurous. Great experience and I'll definitely make this one of our regular hiking spots!

Reviewed by Kat on 2/27/2006
Selena - read trailhead instructions above. Very, very easy to find and well signed - use a map or call County Parks (phone number is listed above, as well as GPS location) if you still can't find Tropicana, Broadbent or the numbered street address -- in fact, there is a street map of Las Vegas inside the local phone book. Use Mapquest or other mapping software if you STILL can't find the park. If the signs have been vandalized or otherwise destroyed, go to the trailer office and get info from one of the staff or volunteers. There are signs everywhere and the trails are clearly designated and marked -- both Duck Creek trail and trails within the park, which are handicapped accessible. Email me directly if you still can't find the tr

Reviewed by Pete on 2/24/2004
Very unexpected surprise to find such a nice trail the dessert. Esspecially Las Vegas.

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