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Dunnfield Creek Loop Worthing SF, NJ

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The Gap, Views, Glacial Lake, Hemlock Ravine, Cascades, Natural Area
Near:Columbia, NJ
Distance:9.8 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1529 ft
Hike Time:5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: The starting temps today was around 5 degrees, warm compared to the -4 yesterday. This hike takes you through some rugged areas of NJ. You begin with a steep climb up the Gap. The Gap is were the Delaware River cut through the Kittatinny Ridge forming a huge cut through the ridge. The Gap is also very popular with ice and rock climbing. Once ontop of1549ft Mt Tammany you get great views of the Gap and the Surrounding area. Then we took the Fire Road along the spine of the Kittatinny Ridge. If you are lucky and quite you can hear the wolves howling form the Lakota Wolf Preserve, down in the valley. After hiking along the Fire Road I took the Turquoise tr. through a heavily burned area (From a forest fire years ago) The I took the Sunfish Pond trail around the pond which is a Glacial Lake sitting on top of the Ridge. From there I finished up on the Dunnfield Creek Tr through a steep and rugged Hemlock ravine. Today was especially nice due to the frozen water
Trailhead: From anywhere in NJ take I 80 West to the last exit. There will be a sign for Worthington SF and Kittatinny Point Visitor Center. Once off I80 hang left going toward Visitor center. Stop in Visitor Center for trail maps. Pass the visitor center and just before you get back onto I80 East make left and go under I80. Make left and then a Just before going back onto I80 West make right into Appalachian trail and Dunnfield Creek parking. Another and easier way is to take the 2nd to last exit for Rest area (I forget the exit #) and then just past rest area make the right into the Appalachian trail parking. (Lat:40.97163 Lon:-75.12211)
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Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Worthington SF:908-841-9575
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Shawn Viggiano, who has posted  44 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by joe on 10/23/2011
2nd time hiked there. we take green trail {dunnfield creek} for the hike to sunfish pond. the scenery I believe is better with some creek hopping {need waterproof boots or wet feet} towards the end there is some muck and mire to move through then steep incline. On the return we take AT, {white trail} which is rocky , hike bit more then 7 miles. I been adding Tammany {red dot trail } which is chalanging/great views of gap

Reviewed by Dan M on 3/5/2010
I simply pulled over on the road for a break so I will be back - but I did capture some shots to share - - Enjoy!

Reviewed by Pete on 1/10/2009
We did this today. We took the Appalachian Trail to Holly Springs to the Turquoise Trail to the Pond and then took the Appalachian Trail back. 7+ miles of snow and a lot of ice. We did parts on all fours to scramble up steep, icy rocks and slide down parts that were impossible by foot. We took walking sticks with us too which were a life saver. Beautiful and very quiet. Even with all the ice and snow, it took about 5 hrs and we really didn't stop. Will definately do it again.

Reviewed by rj on 9/14/2008
I did a variation of this hike today - AT to Sunfish pond to Turquoise trail to Sunfish fire road to Dunnfield Hollow Trail. I was looking for a peaceful long hike with nice views but not too difficult from a technical standpoint. Once I got about 30 minutes in, it was very quite, particularly the middle part of the Dunnfield Hollow Trail. Some rocky areas and the trail crossed the creek several times, but nothing too challenging. The guy at the visitor center told me it would take about 6 hours. It ended up taking just under 4.5 hours, but I didn't stop much along the way.

Reviewed by Roo on 8/2/2008
Had a great hike here. Up to sunfish pond - one steep bit just before the pond. Took about five hours including lunch stop. Will definitely go back again.

Reviewed by Andrea on 6/2/2008
My boyfriend and I just did a variation on this hike yesterday. Took the Blue trail up Mt. Tammany to the fire road on top of Kittatiny. Followed that to the Turquoise trail and to Sunfish pond. From the pond we took the AT back to the parking lot. Took us longer than we expected, but it was also our first time out and we stopped alot to admire the spectaculr views from atop the ridge.

Reviewed by Clark on 5/16/2007
Just got home from this hike. Hiked AT to Backpacker site, stayed two nights. Approx. 1.5 hours from trailhead to campsites. From the BP site it is easy to reach Sunfish pond, etc. The campsite features latrines and bear boxes, as well as plenty of field space for tents. If you go during the warm months, BEWARE OF THE TICKS. They are everywhere! In three days we easily found 20-30 of these bloodsuckers. Other than that, this was a perfectly nice outing.

Reviewed by Joe R. on 10/10/2006
I've done two variations of this hike. Start on AT from parking lot to Sunfish pond. Leave pond on green trail down along Dunfield Creek to blue trail back to AT to parking lot. Enjoyed second hike better by climbing Mt. Tammany, picking up the fire road to the turquoise trail to the pond. Leave the pond back to the parking lot via the AT. Highly recommend this hike and its variations.

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