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Eagle Spring Loop

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Impressive sandstone crag, wonderful oak picnic area
Near:Topanga, CA
Distance:6.3 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1000 ft
Hike Time:3.5 hours
Trail Condition:Fire road/pavement

Summary: Eagle Rock is the primary attraction of this hike. It juts impressively out from the hillside, with dramatic shear cliffs on three sides. There is easy access to the top of Eagle Rock from the trail for anyone with a good pair of hiking boots. Another interesting spot is Cathedral Rock, a short quarter mile diversion from the main loop. You can stop for lunch here, sitting on the grass, with walls all about you.

Some guide books refer to this hike as "Eagle Rock" rather than Eagle Springs. Note that when I took this hike, I did not travel on the Musch trail as suggested by several guide books, but took the more direct fire road to Eagle Rock.

Trailhead: From Topanga Canyon Boulevard, turn east on Entrada Road; that's to the left if you are coming from the San Fernando Valley. Follow Entrada Road by turning left at every opportunity until you arrive at Topanga State Park. The trailhead is at the end of the parking lot. (Lat:34.09378 Lon:-118.585252)
Trail Guides for Eagle Spring Loop:
Hiking in Topanga State Park
by Milt McAuley  (Canyon Publishing)

Day Hikers Guide to Southern California
by John McKinney  (Olympus Press)

California Hiking
by Tom Stienstra & Ann Marie Brown  (Foghorn Press)

Best Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring
User Groups: Hikers, Horses
Ranger Contact: California State Parks, (818) 880-0350
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Jim Zuber, who has posted  104 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by ejr on 5/15/2011
Hiked from Trippet Ranch on Musch Meadow trail to Eagle Rock trail 5/14/2011 and saw numerous native flowers in bloom including rare End-of-Spring. Some segments of trail have minor poison oak and some segs are almost covered by foliage but still passable. Recommend wearing long pants,d long sleeve shirt and gloves regardless of temperature.

Reviewed by Warren on 12/14/2010
Another way to do this is to stay at the Topanga Canyon Inn B&B as Eagle Rock is just one mile up the trail from the Inn and you don't have to pay for parking. The trail is a fav of the local mountain bikers. By the way, Eagle Rock has always been known as Elephant Rock by the old-timers in the neighborhood. When the park put names on stuff it took the name from Eagle Springs which is nearby.

Reviewed by FCN on 5/22/2010
Did this hike as a loop in April. Took Musch trail out to Eagle Rock, added a little distance by going to the hub, and then looped back on the fire road. Musch trail was beautiful, but a little overgrown, and several days later I found myself with a good case of Poison Oak. (Similar reports of poison oak on the nearby SantaYnez falls trail.). Should be fine if you stick to the fire roads.

Reviewed by Ro on 12/26/2009
I hiked fr Musch Trail to Eagle Rock last Wed p.m. The trail is quite start off on a meadow, through the woods, and onto a dusty trail up to Eagle Rock. Would love to come back and get to the HUB (1 mi from Eagle Rock) and explore the other fireroads as well.

Reviewed by Dean on 12/4/2009
All trails lead to Eagle Rock! There are so many great ways of getting there. Last week I did the Caballero-Bent Arrow-Garapito route starting in Tarzana. It was amazing how green and lush Garapito Canyon still remains after so little rain. See

Reviewed by Matt on 6/13/2009
Nice quick getaway from the Valley. No problems finding the park. Took the fire road up to Eagle Rock, very mild incline all the way up, plenty of other hikers. Spent a while up on Eagle Rock enjoying the views of the Pacific and the Westside, the hills toward Malibu, and a pretty nice view of the San Fernando Valley. I very much preferred the hike down as we took the Musch trail. Goes through some nice wooded paths, and other impressively colorful brushy areas. A lot less traffic on this trail. Didn't run into any snakes, but several different kinds of lizards greeted us. All kinds of butterflies and bees, too. I'll be going back to the park to explore the countless other trails.

Reviewed by Vik on 1/23/2009
The few times I've gone to Topanga, I've done the Eagle Rock Fire Road both ways from the parking lot off of Entrada to Eagle Rock. That particular hike is right around 4 miles roundtrip, and is a great hike to do if you only have a couple hours to spare. Great place to get some off-road jogging in, too. Last time I went (couple weeks ago), the whole trail was fogged in, which was particularly cool!

Reviewed by Emily on 1/20/2009
This hike was fun. I actually meant to do San Ynez, but missed the turn and ended up at Eagle Rock instead. Doing the fire road up and the Munch trail back was a very nice hike as the two are totally different environments (up on the ridge v. down in the meadow). Got lost looking for Dead Horse Trail too early and ended up a residential area, but the people were very nice and pointed us in the right direction. Not too much wildlife or vegetation this time of year, but still a great hike that I will definitely do again.

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