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El Dorado Canyon Trail

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Nice trail in near Boulder with some fantastic bouldering opportunities
Near:Eldorado Springs, CO
Distance:4.2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1900 ft
Hike Time:3 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: From the trailhead hike North and follow the obvious trail. Early on the trail will ascend quickly, but it levels out after a while. Then its just an enjoyable hike in the mountians. Huge boulders abound in the area and many people use them for bouldering..
Trailhead: From Denver Take I-25 North to State Highway 36, West towards Boulder. Exit at "Louisville-Superior" and turn South (left) at the light. Take the first right (West) onto State Highway 170 fro 7.4 miles to Eldorado Canyon. Continue one mile through the canyon to the visitors center. The trail begins on the North side of the Parking area. (Lat:39.9309 Lon:-105.29437)
Trail Guides for El Dorado Canyon Trail:
Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: El Dorado Canyon State Park (303) 494-3943
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Joshua Friesema, who has posted  97 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
Trail Reviews  Submit your own review
Reviewed by c. on 11/29/2012
We enjoyed the moderate to difficult hike & the views. The trail is very easy to follow. The views west & east from the final ridge are spectacular. After that, the final descent to the Walker Ranch loop is very steep, though short. Once at the Walker Ranch loop (the end of the canyon trail), go left for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile to the south boulder creek. It is a very beautiful spot.

Reviewed by Carey A on 7/13/2010
The review of this hike is VERY misleading and put my husband and I in a dangerous situation with our dogs! It is 3.5 miles one way, making it a 7 mile hike, way over the 4.2 miles listed here! We did not bring enough water for ourselves or our dogs leaving all of us on the verge of being dehydrated. Also, after a much longer hike than anticipated, our dogs paws were torn to shreds. The review said that this is a moderate trail, being an avid hiker, I still had a tough time with this hike. With all the inclines I would say that is is a more moderate to difficult hike. The trail is very pretty and had a nice breeze. We would have enjoyed ourselves if we were more prepared.

Reviewed by MB on 6/5/2010
The whole trail is 7 miles long and never levels out for very long. The start is all up hill and then it is up and down. Hardly any water for dogs. Very pretty. It took us 3 1/2 hours to go 6 miles. We had a good time. There was some shade to excape the heat and there was a nice breeze. Easy trail to get to. We parked near the visitor center. Costs $7 per car to get into the state park.

Reviewed by Chris D on 7/22/2009
$7 is the reason few people go, but Rattlesnake trail, which is pretty hard, takes you up to old spooky lost hotel with pieces of glass, plates, and a fireplace left over. Do it once!

Reviewed by Michelle on 5/26/2008
Enjoyed the trail and would like to explore it & surrounding trails further. A couple of things to note: $7 fee to get into the park, since the trail is part of the state park system & the trail map marks this as 3.5 miles each direction rather than the 4.2 round trip noted above.

Reviewed by Erica on 3/18/2008
I remember going when I was really young and I thought it was quite a hike. I went back not too long ago and it was still still quite a hike although I had to turn back a bit early due to the huge thunderstorm approaching. Nonetheless, I plan to do this hike again in the near future.

Reviewed by Daniel on 3/25/2007
A little crowded, but worth it for the spectacular views.

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