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Eureka Peak-Joshua Tree National Park

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Diversity of Canyon/Desert Flora, Aerobic Climb, Clear-Skied Views
Near:Yucca Valley, CA
Distance:9.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1600 ft
Hike Time:5 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Black Rock Canyon is like a sun-kissed shiny medal pinned to the shoulder of Joshua Tree National Park. The trek to Eureka Peak is a thread of glittering diamonds woven into the intricate pattern created by the system of trails adorning the sparkling medal-this climb within the northwestern portion of J-Tree promises the hiker a veritable treasure hunt full of delightful discoveries!! Cacti, wildflowers (in spring), pinyon pines, Joshua trees, canyon geology, sand, rocks, aerobic uphill, blue skies, and views galore abound along this trail. Begin at the Backcountry Board, and continue for about 1.5 miles southeast along the CRH. Turn south at the junction onto the Fault Trail (FT), and climb the FT to the EP trail. Continue about 2.8 mi. on the EP Trail to the peak summit (follow the EP signs). The EP Trail can also be reached by hiking about 1.7 miles along the CRH to the junction with the SL (Short Loop) Trail, and hiking .4 mi. west on the SL to the EP Trail.
Trailhead: From the 10 freeway east of Cabazon and west of Palm Springs, exit at the CA-62 E turnoff (which is signed as the route to Joshua Tree National Park, Twentynine Palms, and Yucca Valley). Travel northeast along CA-62 E (which eventually becomes 29 Palms Highway) past Desert Hot Springs and Big Morongo Canyon to Yucca Valley. Look for the "Black Rock Canyon Campground-5 miles" sign at Joshua Lane-turn right on Joshua Lane, and follow the directions on the signs to the campground. Free parking is available in front of the Ranger Station/Visitor Center located at the campground. The trailhead is in the northeastern portion of the campground (at the Backcountry Board), just near the main campground entrance. (Lat:34.07467 Lon:-116.38792)
Trail Guides for Eureka Peak-Joshua Tree National Park:
Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter,
User Groups: Hikers, Horses,
Ranger Contact: Joshua Tree National Park-(760) 367-5500
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Patricia Barnes, who has posted  23 other hikes on this site
Trail Reviews  Submit your own review
Reviewed by Cf on 4/17/2013
Signs hard to follow very soft footing stiff NE wind glad we checked this one off.

Reviewed by Koger on 3/31/2010
hiked 3/29/10. Upper 60s/lower 70s. A really nice hike. The trailhead took a few minutes to find (it's literally along the road into the camp). CRH is a nice, narrow path. Once on the Fault Trail and Eureka Peak trails it turns into a wash. At some point my buddy and I made a left when we weren't supposed to off the Eureka Peak trail and ended up back on the CRH in the Eastern wash. Oh well. it was still fun. Lots of quail and lizards...saw a snake too. Good times but needs better signs once on the EP trail

Reviewed by Tim on 11/6/2009
I had a similar experience to the other reviewers who got lost. BD is right on the money with the directions. If only we read that review before my wife and I tried the hike! We had to come back before finishing because it was nearing sunset by the time we found the trail again.

Reviewed by BD on 12/15/2008
My friend and I went this last Sunday and thought it was a very nice hike. We took the Burnt Hill trail to the Eureka Peak trail, but got a little off-course. We took what we thought was the trail to the right, but this happened to be another route entirely and we ended up going over several hills and finally finding what we thought was Eureka Peak. However, the sign posts were devoid of the signs themselves and we got a little mixed up determining which hill we were on and even which trail. If you go, I suggest taking the Short Loop Trail to the Eureka Trail. At the fallen tree do not cross over the line of branches covering the trail to right, but get closer to the fallen tree and the trail continues around it. Good luck and have fun!

Reviewed by tinam on 6/21/2006
After trying to locate the correct trail at least 7 times (& I live in the area!!) I finally found it and it was well worth it. The views are spectacular and it is definitely a workout. You're in the sandy washes about 95% of the way. In the summer, start early (5 a.m.) cuz it's a bake on the way out!

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