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Finger Rock Canyon To Mount Kimbal To Pima Canyon

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Rugged hike with increadible mountain vistas
Near:Tucson, AZ
Distance:9.75 miles
Elevation Gain:4500 ft
Hike Time:6.5 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType:Point to Point

Summary: This point to point hike combines the two most popular "must see" hikes in the Catalina's. From breath taking canyon vistas, to mountain top views of both Tucson and Oro Valley your camera is sure to get almost as good a workout as you, but beware, all these photo oportunities come at a price, this hike is not for the faint at heart. Finger Rock alone, is known as one of the most demanding short hikes in the area, in the time it takes to drink most of your water, and bring as much as possible, you'll have gained upwards of 4500 ft in elevation.Near the summit of the canyon take the "Right turn" when the trail splits, head towards the summit of Mount Kimball. Once at the summit your at your half way point. The remaining dowhill portion will take you through Pima Canyon, providing you with reason to smile as you explain to all the half day hikers where you started from. Plan to leave as early as possible, and don't forget that camera.
Trailhead: This is a point to point hike which will necessitate someone in your hiking party leaving their vehicle at either of the two points , Pima Canyon Trailhead , or Finger Rock Trailhead. The Favorite is to start at Finger Rock Trailhead, So from Tucson proceed North on Oracle Rd (U.S. 89) until you reach Magee Rd , turn right (East) and Magee dead-ends at the Pima Canyon Trailhead. The Finger Rock Trailhead can be easily reached by backtracking to Oracle Rd, proceed South, and turn left (East) at Ina Rd, follow this until you reach Skyline Rd on your left (North) , proceed on Skyline as it quickly bends in an Easterly direction until reaching Alvernon, turn left and Alvernon dead-ends at Finger Rock Trailhead. (Lat:32.2023 Lon:-110.54629)
Trail Guides for Finger Rock Canyon To Mount Kimbal To Pima Canyon :
Tucson Hiking Guide
by Betty Leavengood (Pruett Publishing Companey)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter,
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Santa Catalina Ranger District 520-670-4552
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by John McKenna, who has posted  8 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by MBM on 2/17/2013
My friend and I did this hike in early February. It was spectacular! The hike was challenging and invigorating! Be sure to get an early start, bring enough water and food, and poles are useful for coming down. If you encounter a lot of scrambling, you've probably gone off into Pima Canyon (left), not Finger Rock Canyon (right): The trail can be misleading.

Reviewed by Viewer on 1/19/2013
Completed this hike on 12/20/2012. Started in the evening with some friends and camped out at one of the turn offs well before the split to mount Kimball. Amazing views of the Catalinas, the city, and Pima Canyon during the descent. However, as it was snow season, we got well off the trail (it was covered in 3 feet of snow) and had to bushwack our way down. If you do get lost like we did just follow the creek bed out and you will hit the Pima Canyon Trail. If you're considering day hiking set at least 12 hours aside. Also be advised that both the finger rock parking lot, and the pima canyon parking lots do not allow for overnight parking unless you have a permit, so you will need someone to drop you off and pick you up if overnighting

Reviewed by Kevin S on 2/25/2008
Summited Mt. Kimball on 2-25. This trail is by far the toughest in Tucson. Great city views all over and great landscape the whole way. Pretty neat to be able to see THE WINDOW, from the Ventana Canyon Trail, atop Mt. Kimball. On 2-18 I reached THE WINDOW, yesterday I summited Mt. Wrightson and today I summited Mt. Kimball. Tomorrow I rest.

Reviewed by Edward on 1/6/2008
Did this hike in November. Was amazing, quiet. It's pretty strenuous, but I'd say harder on the way down than the way up as I was riding the toes-end of my boots and that got a little old fast.

Reviewed by christine on 12/3/2007
thanks to the rains last weekend, there is plenty of water in the stream - so pretty - i ran into a pack of javalinas and saw some white-tailed deer near the top... i love this hike but the downhill kills my knees - going up to mt kimball and then back down the finger rock trail took me about 6 hours...

Reviewed by Kyle on 11/15/2007
This is a really pretty hike! If you're feeling pretty tired at the top, don't take Pima canyon down! Take Finger rock back! There is some very cool rock formations about 2/3 of the way up the trail on the right, where you can climb on top of these tall rocks. It's about a 50 foot drop off of these rocks so be careful if you're going to chill on top of them like I did.

Reviewed by christine 1/2 on 8/17/2007
I did this hike last weekend - i started at the finger rock trailhead at about 830am, which meant for a good portion of the hike up to linda vista, i was in the shade...the hike up to linda vista is steep and tough but well worth it..then continued on to mt kimball which is mostly uphill but somehow seems less steep, and the views from the top are absolutely phenomenal and worth every step...i then decided to go down the pima canyon trail, initially thought the trail markers were perfect, then lost the trail and ended up bushwacking my way down to the river at the canyon bottom, hiking in the stream, eventually found the trail, lost it again, and finally made my way out about 10 hours later...

Reviewed by Chuck on 5/22/2007
PS. Don't believe that waypoint for the Finger Rock Trailhead. You will be parking on top of Mica Mountain (about 23 miles east).

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