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Fletcher Canyon

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Pleasant, easy shaded walk to seasonal spring - rugged cliffs and narrow canyon
Near:Las Vegas, NV
Distance:4 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1100 ft
Hike Time:2.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Very easy, enjoyable hike which begins surrounded by pinyon pines, manzanita and mountain mahogany. The trail is fairly level and suitable for jogging or carrying hand weights (rocks) if you want to increase your workout. You walk along the dry creekbed as you head deep into Fletcher Canyon. When you reach the large dead tree lying across the washbed next to the trail you've walked 1 mile. You will cross the steambed (several paths) with little water seeping (seasonal) and follow a foot path climbing up as the canyon walls narrow and you enter a slot canyon filled with living trees, ferns, wild roses; as well as debris (logs, rocks) washed down by flash floods. You will eventually deadend at obstacle rock ( skinny types can make it beyond). You are 2 miles into the canyon and can retrace your steps and explore on your way down. Beyond obstacle rock connects to the North Loop trail (another 1 1/2 mi.). Do NOT enter the canyon if rain is likely
Trailhead: I-15 N from Las Vegas to 95 N toward Reno, W on SR 157 (Mt. Charleston - Kyle Canyon) 18.1 miles (which is 1/2 mile past junction with SR 158); look for small parking area and trailhead on R (N) side of road just before reaching the USFS Visitors Center. There is very limited parking along SR 157, so be courteous in how you park your vehicle, and carpool whenever possible. Parking is across the road from the TH. Do NOT park on the pavement, this is a narrow road that gets a lot of use on weekends and other busy times. The sign at the trailhead may show this hike as only 3/4 - 1 mile in lenth; this is the distance of the maintained trail, but the trail beyond this point is very easy to follow. The horse trail which begins down canyon across and below the Hotel intersects with Fletcher Canyon by using an old jeep trail as it winds W with this trail up to the springs. Park horse trailers off SR 157 before the hotel. (Lat:36.26356 Lon:-115.61115)
Trail Guides for Fletcher Canyon:
USFS free trail guide handout for Spring Mtns (pickup at visitor center Kyle Canyon)
by Spring Mountains Natl Rec Area  (USFS and USFWS)

Hiking Around Las Vegas
by Jim Boone (Jim L. Boone)

120 Best Hikes in Southern Nevada and Beyond (CD)
by Branch Whitney (Branch Whitney)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Horses,
Ranger Contact: USFS - Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, Spring Mtns NRA (702) 515-5400, emerg (702) 872-5306
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Kat Green, who has posted  86 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Karen on 8/3/2015
I have to say I don't hike a lot. So for those that don't I wouldn't say this was a EASY trail to do. Also the sign entering the trial tells you its 2 hours round trip. Not quite sure to what point they stopped hiking LOL but, we went as far as we could a narrow area where the mountains are close to each other. Its very cool (weather wise) in this spot. It feels as though the temp drops 20 degrees. very enjoyable in the hot summer. The foliage is so beautiful in this area also. Totally worth walking the 2 hours it took us to get there. We did stop quite a few times to catch a breath. Between the incline and the altitude we didnt have a choice. Bring your camera with you. I couldnt stop taking pictures for fb.

Reviewed by Dan The Man on 10/11/2010
I went in the spring and there was a good amount of snow once up into the cracks. Steady incline the whole trail, but nothing crazy. There was quite a few people on the trail, but once you hit obstacle rock, most turn back. Beautiful hike, just wish there was less people on the trail. Will go again for sure.

Reviewed by EP on 8/28/2010
I'll say first off that this was my first hike and I'm not in the best shape. The entire trail going up is an incline. No flat spots at all. The altitude made it difficult to breath. I was literally out of breath in the first 2 minutes. If you are used to hiking, especially at high altitudes, you probably won't have difficulty. But I had to stop to catch my breath every few minutes. It's definitely a beautiful hike, and I saw a lot of kids doing the hike with seemingly no problem. So this is mainly a public service to those are new to hiking or not in the best shape. It was like climbing a stairmaster for 2 hours.

Reviewed by Shanell F on 7/5/2010
I took my 3 children ages 11, 10 and 6 on the hike today. It started out nice but it definately gets rugged about a mile into it. Definately not for those that are out of shape. It was very peaceful, and the weather was fabulous. We were a little disappointed at the "waterfall" at the end. We kind of felt as though we hiked all that for nothing, but none-the-less its great for a family outing...

Reviewed by NIKO on 6/29/2010

Reviewed by SirusLee on 3/22/2008
I hiked fletcher trail on 3/18/08. Recently the area got heavy snowfall but this trail being a lower trail was in fair condition and hikable without snowboots. The ground was a little soggy and most of the trail was packed ice. Most of the trail is in the shade but go up the hill at the "three conspicuous shrubs" and it's 20deg warmer. Great hike for my dog and I. We made it to the creek in 1.75 hrs and back down in about .75 hrs

Reviewed by RSH on 10/6/2007
This was our first hike as a family. It is a pleasant walk allways slightly uphill with the steepest part at the last where you reach the narrow canyon and the most beauty. All in all it was alot of fun.

Reviewed by JWM3 on 8/26/2007
This was a fun hike, not too strenuous, just right. We came across several lizards, chipmonks, and even a large salamander, that startled the nonsense out of my wife. We had a lot of fun, there are some twists and turns as you climb closer to the end of the trail which makes you feel like your discovering this place for the first time. We will hike this one again.

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