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Frenchman Mountain

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Great View of Las Vegas,Nellis Air Base & Las Vegas Speedway
Near:North Las Vegas, NV
Distance:4.5 miles
Elevation Gain:1600 ft
Hike Time:3 hours
Trail Condition:Fire road/pavement
HikeType:Point to Point

Summary: THis is a very very steep gravel road. The best time to hike this would be Fall,Winter or Spring. After you get to the top of the false summit (great resting spot) and start down into the saddle look on both side to see some really nice barrel cati. Don't let the steepness stop you from going all the way to the top as the view is spectular. If it is a clear day you can see all the casinos to the SouthWest. Looking West is Red Rock and Mount Charleston. Then look NorthWest to see Nellis Air Base and farther North to see Las Vegas Speedway. The great part is if the Jets are taking off & landing at the Air Base. I put a ammo can up in front of the false summit to sign in. I put it their as someone already had stacked up a rock pile and I was to tired to build another one. Maybe next time I go I will rebuild it at the true summit.
Trailhead: From Spring Mtn Blvd get on I-15 North and get off on the Lake Mead exit. Go East until you get to the mountains. Those will be Sunrise Mountains. In about 1 mile or so look to the South, Right and you will see a very steep gravel road heading up the mountain. Park on the outside of the fence and just start walking up that very steep gravel road. You will be able to see a metel pole with a gate about 10 min from the road. That gate has been open everytime I have been up their. Just follow the road until you get to top. (Lat:36.12152 Lon:-114.59362)
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Hiking Southern Nevada
by Branch Whitney ()

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: BLM Bureau of Land Management
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by David Briggs, who has posted  5 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Andy on 4/15/2015
Done this hike a million times. Very difficult but worth it. The stats listed above are wrong. The hike is actually 4.9 miles long, and the elevation gain is actually over 2,000 feet.

Reviewed by Viewer on 10/16/2013
The hike is a strenuous one but if you just take your time and take it one step at a time you will be pleased at the end result, the view at the top. Im sixty and walk three days a week for an hour so I was a bit concerned after reading the reviews that I would have a very difficult time hiking this trail. Although there are some step,slippery areas, I made it to the top in one hour twenty minutes and that was with a few breaks. I plan on going up again with my sister at the end of this month. Oh and one review said that the road had pavement on it, not the case. o

Reviewed by Steve on 6/1/2012
I was in town for business and wanted to get some exercise that wasn't on the hotel treadmill. Thanks to the previous postings about this trail(road?),which enabled me to find this great workout. Went up around 5:30pm, and even though it was 100 degrees it didn't feel too bad due to some wind and the fact that half the time you are in the shade at this time of night. It took 60 minutes to get to the top and to see the great views from next to the fence by the first antennas. Going back wasn't too bad, with the uphill back to the saddle easier than I expected. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get outside for some fresh air and a workout while staying in Vegas.

Reviewed by Sausen & Wright on 3/31/2012
Very steep, very hard, very worth it!!!! Originally my fiance and Iwere a bit discouraged when we reached the false Summit, but we were able to push on and make down to the saddle, and finially to the top! DO NOT TURN BACK ONCE YOU HIT THE FALSE SUMMIT!!!!!! It was an incredible view and so worth the time, water, and energy to make it to the top (inbetween the two blinking military antennas). Make sure to go all the way to the top of the first antenna as it provides an incredible view - much more impressive than even 50 feet lower (on the primary trail). I 100% agree with the other hikers that reviewed this climb that going back down is way more difficult! Loose gravel, very steep, but still, so worth the treck!!!

Reviewed by Jim (age 68) on 3/12/2012
Hiked on 3/12/12 Left car at 10:00 returned to car 15:20. The trip up was a good cardio workout for me. From the trailhead the 'gravel road' stars out stop. yep it gets steeper and steeper until the saddle. Steep drop down and I found that now I have arrived at the steep part. Made the antennas. climb the 20 feet to the ridge line and Wow Wow The View. Lake Mead and henderson to the east and Red Rock and all of the basin to the west. The return was terrible. The steepness conbined with loose gravel make the risk of falling high. That is the only reason I gave the hike a 3 other wise a definate 4. thank you

Reviewed by Jason on 2/4/2012
All in all a pretty impressive hike considering its so close to town. It's literally on a couple of miles if that from the hilly portion of E Lake Mead Blvd. Totally agree with the other posts...this is a pretty steap hike and can be a little demotivating if you're not prepared with good hiking shoes and snacks. I made it to the half way point and was sore and winded (maybe just outta shape!) and had to turn back...the road leading to the antennas is literally like hiking what you just hiked plus a little more steapness. I'll be back for this one as it is definitely a muscle building challenge on the quads and calves. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great workout and an amazing view. It's pretty awesome.

Reviewed by Rich on 1/7/2012
Not a local? Take Lake Mead Ave heading east until the road leaves suburbia and heads into the hills. You'll know the trail head when you see a fence made from wire rope, with a locked gate to prevent motorized vehicles. There is a pedestrian pass through at the west end of the gate... A beautiful January day, sunny but cool in the shadows. I started around 1 PM and this trail (road?) was steeper than I expected. Gravel also doesn't do justice to the loose, broken rock that covers the surface. Extremely treacherous going down! I did it in tennis shoes but wished I had ankle support and much more traction on the sole. Travel time 3 hours there and back. The view? Worth it but early AM sun would make better viewing of Strip.

Reviewed by Bryant on 10/18/2011
Hiked the evening of 10/18/11. I started at 5:00, made it to the antennas at 6:10. Unfortunately didn't get to enjoy the view as I didn't bring a flashlight and going over all the loose gravel didn't seem appealing in the dark. Slipped a lot going down but managed to keep my balance. Definitely bring a flashlight and good hiking shoes for this trail. Even though it says paved/fire road, hiking shoes would be a good idea as my feet hurt after wearing tennis shoes. When you reach the top of the first stretch a little way after the gate, look over the edge into the little valley for all the burned out cars. Enjoy

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