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Fullerton Panorama Trail

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Scenic walk though urban trail. Great views of north Orange County
Near:Fullerton, CA
Distance:2.8 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:300 ft
Hike Time:1.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Fullerton has many urban trails throughout the city. The panorama trail provides excellent views of the city and beyond. The trail starts out in the golf course and climbs steadily up to the "view loop". the loop has vistas in all directions within a few yards of each other. As you continue down the trail, you walk though a neighborhood for a long block. Next you head further down the trail parallel to the Coyote Hills Golf course. the trail ends at Brea Blvd in a small ballpark. If you continue on to the other side of the park, the East Coyote hills trail begins. You can turn around or continue on the coyote trail for a loop hike. The East Coyote Hills trail is more of an equestrian trail, and is less scenic.
Trailhead: From I57. Exit Yorba Linda Blvd and head west. Turn right at State College and left at Bastanchury. Park at Vista Park which is also the parking lot for the Summit House restaurant. Trailhead is inside the gate of the golf course just go straight. (Lat:33.89708 Lon:-117.8942)
Trail Guides for Fullerton Panorama Trail:
Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Bikes, Horses,
Ranger Contact: City of Fullerton Community Services Department 714 738-6575
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by David Muro, who has posted  7 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by BEK on 4/6/2016
I'm counting the loop which includes a mile and a half or so of fenced horse trail, as the full trail. About 1/4 of the loop is what one would consider "natural", the rest is horse trail in front of expensive homes hidden to the south, west and north of the Coyote Hills Golf Course and the course itself. Good views from the natural part of the trail, valuable climbs and dips for conditioning.

Reviewed by NagariMan on 2/2/2013
Really great trail to people who love to walk, even more to jog. It would be much more if you succeed to combine this to Brea dam trail.

Reviewed by andy on 7/18/2012
The only hikers are the locals that live in the upscale area near the golf course. They jog there all day and don't pick after their dogs. 200~ish ft elevation gain over 3 miles, this is a pleasent stroll, not a hike.

Reviewed by Sherry on 5/29/2012
Very nice hike with wonderful views and lost of nature. On a clear day you could see the ocean and the mountains. Most of the hike is on gravel, and at one point, the trail takes you into a development of some beautiful huge custom landscaped homes. Thanks to those who walked before us and were kind enough to leave prior comments, I took note from the guy who ended up off the trail because of unclear markings and watched closely for the trail markers so as not to get lost. Although there are many ups and downs with lots of panting, my husband and I will definitely walk here again. The 2.8 miles took us exactly one hour to walk.

Reviewed by Jeff on 4/7/2012
Been walker/hiker many yrs, Santa Mon Mts & more. I'm 65, great health & fiance a few yrs older, in great health, we found lack of good signage was awful. because of this on way back, planning on 2.8 miles, we made wrong turn, missed 'trail', ended up 1.2 miles out of our way & had to walk "up Bastanchury" from State College, quite a hill considering we were so far from our 'planned hike.' better signage is expected or don't include in your hikes. just went on the "Castlewood Trail" in Fullerton, great hike, good signage, don't like trying to figure out which way to turn, rather hike at our pace and know where we are going, without getting lost in some neighborhood of houses on pavement. Castelwood is great exercise, an hr at good pa

Reviewed by xo on 5/16/2010
I wouldn't even call this a hike.

Reviewed by Victor on 4/11/2010
We hiked is trail this past weekend, 4/10/2010 and the most confusing part is where the trail head is. If you park at the parking lot for Summit House, the trailhead is behind the chained linked fence, which is directly across from the parking lot. The fence looks as if it's padlocked, but there is a small gate to the left and it is open for entry. The first part of hike has great view of Fullerton and neighboring cities. It has some uphills, but it's nothing too strenuous. We had 6 year olds and 70 year olds in our group and it was fine for everyone. We saw plenty of other hikers with their dogs. If you turn around before you hit East Coyote Hills trail, expect to walk uphill all the way back, as the first part is all downhill.

Reviewed by Alicia on 2/13/2010
Great view on the hill part. Lot of bushes, gravel throught the hills. The best part of the trip with the view is short only 15 minute walk one way. The homes next to the start of the trail are very big and beautiful.

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