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Torrey Pines - Guy Fleming Trail

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Rare Torrey Pines, Coastal Scrublands and flowers, coastal vista
Near:La Jolla, CA
Distance:0.75 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:100 ft
Hike Time:0.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: An easy, but wonderful hike. There is a coastal overlook where you can watch beach-goers enjoying the fun and sun. You can walk among the rarest pine tree in North America - the Torrey Pine, see beautiful coastal flowers, shrubs and fauna, and even your children will enjoy the walk.

The trail is billed as the easiest in the park, but even when busy, it still seems relatively secluded.

Torrey Pines is a place not to be missed - take the whole family, even grandpa will like this one.

Trailhead: The Park is pretty easy to get to - there are numerous ways and they are all signed Torrey Pines State Reserve. Follow the signs to the entrance gate , pay the six dollar entry fee and drive to the visitor center.

Pedestrian traffic is free

From the 5 you can take three exits, but an easy way is to take the Genesee exit traveling West toward the ocean. Make a right onto Torrey Pines Road - you will drive past the golf course and when you see the slough and wetlands to your right, you will need to turn left into the Torrey Pines State Beach and Reserve Area. You can park here, but the ranger station is at the top with a very nice visitor center, and lots of trails to explore.

The Guy Fleming trailhead is at a parking area before you reach the top - there are signs. (Lat:32.92295 Lon:-117.25543)

Trail Guides for Torrey Pines - Guy Fleming Trail:
California Hiking
by Tom Sinestra and Ann Marie Brown (Avalon Travel)

Day Hikers Guide to Southern California
by John McKinney (Olympus Press)

Walking the California Coast
by John McKinney (Harper Collins)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Torrey Pines State Reserve (858)755-2063
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Allen Riedel, who has posted  123 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
Trail Reviews  Submit your own review
Reviewed by Wynn on 6/28/2009
Nice easy trail for beginners. I suggest you check out all the trails in Torrey Pines. You can probably hit them all in half a day. A few points: The vehicle entry fee is now $8, not $6. However, if you park your car at the row of parking spaces next to Torrey Pines Beach, you can walk past the entrance gate for free and hike up the hill to where all the trails are. It's a bit of a hike, but it will save you $8 and it will add some challenge to the mostly easy trails in Torrey Pines.

Reviewed by Denny & Cathy on 4/15/2008
Hiked this and the other Torry Pines trails on a Monday afternoon. Guy Fleming was, in words of my wife, one of the "best" we have ever hiked. Had to wait 30 minutes for fog to blow over in early afternoon, but after that, GREAT!

Reviewed by Solrac on 11/27/2005
5 stars for the view!1 Star overcrowed! The hike is easy! I recommend it for everyone, and go early to avoid the noisy crowds, I had a temperature of 100 degress and still did the hike! The best views of the coast in my opinion very well kept! go to my site if you wish to see pictures and a short movie clip!, I have a blog for all the the hikes I have been on in San Diego!

Reviewed by Donna on 2/6/2004
My family and I hike the Torrey pines at least once a year. I have hiked this trail also while I was pregnant with my 4th son. It is a good starter trail. We all love It. The veiws from all of the Torrey pines trails are spectacular. Mountains -Pines and Ocean -sand trails the cliffs -The sunsets are breath taking. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Viewer on 11/5/2003
One of the quickest and most rewarding hikes at Torrey Pines. Its a great warmup for the other hikes. A loop that I like to start out by staying left and working Clockwise. Bring a snack for the 2 great view points and keep an eye out for the awesome flowers. Tread lightly.

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