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Heather Lake Trail

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Alpine lake, mountain views, wildflowers
Near:Darrington, WA
Distance:4 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1100 ft
Hike Time:2.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: The trail starts off on an old road and then climbs steadily through second-growth forest. There is a trail all the way around the lake. This hike is popular year-round, some people ice skate on the lake in winter.
Trailhead: From I-5 take Exit 194/City Center/StevensPass and drive east 6 miles on Hwy 2. Go north on Hwy 9 and turn right on Hwy 92. Stay on Hwy 92 for 8 miles until you reach Granite Falls and turn left on the Mountain Loop Hwy. Drive 13 miles and turn right on Mount Pilchuck Road (FS 42) and go a little over 1 mile to the parking lot and trailhead. (Lat:48.0827 Lon:-121.77487)
Trail Guides for Heather Lake Trail:
Hiking Snohomish County
by Ken Wilcox  (Northwest Wild Books)

Pacific Northwest Hiking
by Ron C. Judd & Dan A. Nelson  (Foghorn Press)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Darrington Ranger District 425-259-7911
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Robbie Hochreiter, who has posted  24 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
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Reviewed by Linnea on 7/12/2012
A relatively easy hike, and well worth it when you reach the top! according to other pages, however, this hike is approx. 4.4 on the round trip. I did this hike today, in the afternoon. It was easy however there were a few areas with slippery rocks, because the ground is very moist. The lake itself is gorgeous with an amazing mountain backdrop, there was still some snow left on the top and the air felt slightly chillier. The hike itself up to the top didn´t offer as beautiful a scenery, as f.i the hike to BIG FOUR ICE CAVES, it´s pretty much dense forest trail all the way up, with the occasional lookout. Good hike, all in all.

Reviewed by Valerie on 6/22/2012
The lake is gorgeous and is worth the steep hike up. I certainly would NOT call it an easy hike though. It rained almost the entire hike and the rocks were slick. There was more snow than I had anticipated at the top but it was pretty well packed down and easy to walk on. I will be hiking this one again!

Reviewed by Ronald on 11/26/2011
11/26/11.... Nice hike. Moderate difficulty going up. A breeze coming down. Lake was frozen and snow was deep around lake perimeter trail - too deep to circle the lake. Nice old forest growth. Upper half is a little rocky. View at top is pretty nice.

Reviewed by Bob Hankinson on 5/8/2011
wothwhile hike, did yesterday in the rain. starts where the Mt Pilchuck road is closed for the winter. Drive past Verlot ranger station and turn right immediately after the bridge. Can buy a parking pass at most gas stations near Verlot or at the ranger station. Top half was on well trodden snow and trailfinding would be hard after new heavy snowfall. Trail is fairly rough. The amphitheater of rocks around the lake at 2400' rising to 4500' is impressive. Stop off at the "General Store" before for snacks and candy, and for an expresso afterwards - warm welcome and stores need the business with the Mountain Loop Highway being closed half the year.

Reviewed by Pavel on 9/6/2010
Easy hike for the rainy day like today. The trail is easy to follow. You can buy parking permit for $5 on the trail head (no need to for the seasson parking pass)

Reviewed by bb on 8/31/2010
Went up Monday, Aug 30 - Only one up there. Beautiful. A fairly good workout in the middle. Very little mud. Had some rain coming down so got pretty soaked from the low shrubs on the trail that had lots of moisture.

Reviewed by rocky on 8/31/2010
We had one 69 year male, one 40 year old mle and a 11 year girl. The girl was like a mountain goat and we men had to be careful. It was the 29th August 2010 and rainy and very foggy at the top.. It was tough but well worth the hike. One needs to dress in layers. It was in the 40's at top. Loose pants/shorts and shoes with ankle support are a necessity. The hike is 6 miles and very difficult at the boulders near the top. The trail was very narrow in places and no railing. A dog that did not mind or unruly child should be left at home. The trail worked the thigh muscles on the way up and the knees on the way down.

Reviewed by Kristen on 8/30/2010
Great hike..although I would also say this is a moderate hike, not "easy". Would definitely do again, but with hiking boots to support my ankles as the rough terrain did a number on me in my non-hiking shoes. Great for kids and dogs as well. Enjoy!

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