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McCauley Hot Springs and Jemez Falls

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Beautiful views, a series of hot springs and an impressive waterfall.
Near:Jemez Springs, NM
Distance:5.61 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1797 ft
Hike Time:3.5 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: A nice hike up to a set of hot springs and a waterfall. It is about a 1.5 mile climb to the hot springs from the Battleship Rock trailhead and another 1.5 miles to the waterfall. The springs are beautiful with crystal clear, warm water. The top pool is about 30 feet wide and 2-3 feet deep and there are a few smaller, deeper pools down stream. There are plenty of places to camp near the springs. I don't think you can camp near the waterfall so if you plan to spend the night I recommend setting up camp at the springs and then hiking over to see the falls. The Jemez Waterfall is spectacular and well worth the extra hike. The trail takes you to an overlook at the top of the falls but it is possible (although not easy) to find your way to the bottom. There is another trailhead about 1/2 mile from the falls where you can fill up your water bottles or even end your hike if you wanted to go point-to -point and shuttle cars.
Trailhead: Start this hike from the Battleship Rock campsite. To get there, take Interstate 25 to 550 west towards San Ysidro. Take a right on 4 and go until you see the sign for Battleship Rock. (Lat:35.82889 Lon:-106.64417)
Trail Guides for McCauley Hot Springs and Jemez Falls:
Hiking New Mexico
by Laurence Parent (Falcon)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Jamez Ranger District, P.O. Box 150, Jemez Springs, NM 87025 (505) 829- 3535
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Will Brown, who has posted  4 other hikes on this site
Trail Reviews  Page 1 of 4   Submit your own review
Reviewed by Greg on 8/15/2016
The trail is in rough shape from a recent fire and is desperate need of maintenance. The trail is washed out or covered over about halfway up on the battleship rock side. August 12, 2016

Reviewed by RVC on 4/16/2013
Very beautiful hike. Total 9.6miles round trip. The trail to the warm spring was easy to follow but to the Jemez falls there were no more markers. We almost turned around after a gorgeous vista of tent rocks but continued on and found the falls. Never give up your dream

Reviewed by Lamb on 8/20/2012
Wow! An amazing hike. We started out at the falls then hiked to what we thought was a hot HOT hot spring but was disappointed. Hiked 2 miles passed the socalled hotspring looking for we thought was the REAL hotspring. Ha ha. Ended up doing a full 9 mile hike! Was challenging but loved it! Life changing experience. I would recommend this hike to anyone.

Reviewed by Alex on 6/27/2012
Love this hike.. Please note it is VERY VERY tiring from battleship to the falls, especially the additional hike from the springs to the falls its pretty much up hile for 1.5 miles.. However on the way back its smooth sailing. I love it.. IN ADDITION - after the springs and what appears to be the last hill you climb.. mostlikely you will need a break at this point and it will look like a fork. You can go left to the falls, however I do suggest going right for about 5 min .. You will see a very large rock.. CLIMB THIS.. its the most beautiful ( what I call ) " LOOK OUT POINT" You can see the entire canyon. A++ hike.

Reviewed by REHH on 3/24/2012
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Reviewed by MP on 3/3/2011
Oh god, I had a near-survival experience there. Pino is a great trail, but in the beginning of March there is ALOT of snow once you get up to the 2nd half of the climb and some pretty precarious pathways near steep 20' drops. The ridge trail is impassable in this condition, we ran into 3-4 feet of snow because it's on the north face of the mountain and of course there are no markings on the ridge trail. Once the snow got that deep and we weren't even sure were the trail was, we turned around. We had planned to go over to the tram and ride it down, but now had to go back. The sun was setting as we got back to the Pino trail.  We had to use two walking sticks to avoid falling on the way down and only had a little penlight, but finally, aft

Reviewed by Stu on 12/28/2009
Well when my girlfriend and I went we spent about an hour and a half trying to find it to no avail. We also ran into several other people who were unable to find it. We came to the burnt dead trees but didn't see a continuing trail.

Reviewed by Ben on 10/14/2009
Hiked this trail yesterday. I agree with the review by Camille - 10/5/2008. Trail hard to follow. Ended up in spot with burned trees. Found the dead end trail continued to the right and rejoined the original trail. The spring was nice. Not very deep and did have some algae and minnows. The minnows tended to nibble but nothing painful. The fall leaves were nice and the poison ivy was obviously redder than the other foliage. Beautiful clear water. Had a great time!

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