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Lisha Kill Preserve

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beautiful forest, small creek, easy walk, close to home
Near:Schenectady, NY
Distance:2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:100 ft
Hike Time:1 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: The Lisha Kill Preserve, owned by the Nature Conservancy, is a rare example of an old growth forest in a developed area. Some of trees (Eastern white pine and Eastern hemlock) are estimated to be well over 200 years old.
Route 7 was originally slated to pass through this lovely forest. Through the efforts of local residents, it was saved for future generations.
The trail (marked with red) heads south crossing a creek on a small bridge. Soon you reach a T-intersection. Bear right and continue along the top edge of the ravine. The trail drops down to the level of the stream before climbing again and returning you back at the T-intersection. Turn right and head back to the parking area.
A short spur trail (marked with white and blue) leads to a housing development off of Rosendale Rd.

Trailhead: Take I-87 (Northway) to exit 6. Go west on NY Rte 7 for 4.4 miles. Turn right onto Mohawk Road. After 0.7 miles, turn left on Rosendale Rd. Continue for another 1.1 miles to parking area on left side - 0.3 miles past River Rd. Look for the brown sign (Lisha Kill Preserve). Park in the lot on west side of the old garage.
(Lat:42.7965 Lon:-73.8595)

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Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Nature Conservancy of New York (518) 272-0195
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by George Senft, who has posted  26 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by MM on 12/10/2013
I took a drive here this afternoon for a lunch break. I live an hour south, so this preserve was unfamiliar until I googled local hikes. Today was the perfect winter day with light snow on the ground and flakes falling to slowly. I could not get over the enormity of the trees and how everything looked so beautiful this afternoon. It was an incredibly peaceful experience. Who knew that something you only read about in books or see in movies was right off of Route 7!?

Reviewed by RH on 4/21/2013
I have been hiking this preserve for the past year with my two small children. While it is a lovely wood with a nice creek for exploration, we have consistently been bothered by dogs. Every time we have visited, there are a ton of dogs, all off leash. The last three times we have visited, one or more large dogs have run up to or charged at my 3 and 4 year olds, with the dog owners a hundred yards or more behind. The signs to keep one's dog leashed are completely ignored, and I often see dog poop littering the trail. I do not recommend this preserve for those with children, unfortunately. If you do go, I recommend bringing a large staff or stick for protection. The local dog owners are ruining this preserve.

Reviewed by Hl on 12/6/2012
First thing I have to say is that as a person with inflammatory arthritis, this was not the easy hike I was expecting from earlier reviews. The beginning of the trail is very steep with a lot of exposed roots or slick, well worn path. Perhaps for others it would have been easy but for me, it was difficult, of course, this very steep path needs to be climbed at he end. I took the red trail and Frank's (blue) trail and found them very enjoyable. But be warned about the first hill.

Reviewed by Stan on 11/4/2012
Beautiful forrest and pleasant hike. Can't believe its just off a busy four lane highway. Perfect hike, we did all three trails and do it again shortly

Reviewed by CT on 7/28/2012
Lots of tree roots and rocks throughout entire walk, the first hill was quite slippery going down, but after that its a fairly easy hike as long as you watch your footing. Did the red, blue, and yellow loops which took about an hour to complete, there may have been a missing bridge on the blue loop but the water was low enough to just step on and over some large rocks. You can get right down to the Lisha Kill stream and also walk along a ridge about 100 feet above the stream and look down. The walk itself was in complete shade, I walked through during a light rain storm. The entry way from Rosendale Rd is easy to miss, the parking lot entry is between a garage and an old house, there is a small white sign hanging above a mailbox.

Reviewed by MLB on 6/4/2012
Well, I went to the trouble of putting up a long review yesterday for this hike. The site gave me back a message that it was received. Then when I go to look at it I see it says error that a reserved word was used. I wish it had told me during the creation of the review what the problem was. I can't remember everything I said and don't intend to take the time to try recreating the review. That's too bad because it may have been helpful to others.

Reviewed by MLB on 6/3/2012
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Reviewed by JM on 4/6/2012
good scenary walked right through the creek.

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