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Lizard Rock - Wildwood Park

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Grass mesa, wildflowers, rolling hills
Near:Thousand Oaks, CA
Distance:3 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:300 ft
Hike Time:1.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: This is a pleasant hike, particularly in the spring with the grass is green and the wildflowers are out. Mountclef ridge is a spectacular volcanic outcropping that parallels that start of your hike. From atop Lizard Rock, you get a panoramic view of the surrounding terrain. No shade on this hike, so start early or go on a cool day.
Trailhead: From the Moorpark Freeway (23), exit on Avenida de Los Arboles and go north. Follow de Los Arboles until it ends at Big Sky Drive. Make a U-turn and the park entrance is on the right side of the road. (Lat:34.2198 Lon:-118.9017)
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Best Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Bikes, Horses
Ranger Contact:  Conejo Rec & Park District - 805-495-6471
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Jim Zuber, who has posted  104 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Vinny on 8/2/2012
Love this hike, done it a million times. Such a beautiful trail that's so local! The trail to Lizard rock consists of some minor inclines, nothing troublesome. Getting to the top of Lizard Rock though is steeper, with lots of little rocks all over so be careful you don't slip. Great workout for the legs. Great view at the top, can see all of Newbury Park by the 101. Trail splits down into the canyon, taking you to the waterfall and up again if you want a longer, harder hike. Great scenery!

Reviewed by Audrey on 8/27/2011
I had a baby 4 months ago and we took him here for his first hike. Daddy carried him with a hikers backpack. For me being abit out of shape since giving birth it was a bit difficult but getting to the bottom of the canyon to see the small waterfall was worth it. Barely any shade along the way and we went on a very hot day so the heat made it a bit miserable! Great workout for my legs. Also went to the Indian Cave which isn't much to see.

Reviewed by kjl on 2/2/2010
lots of places to trek around here, and the weather is perfect right now. anybody out of shape may want to walk toward lizard rock, DOWN the switchbacks! of course you still have to get back up to the top, but the opposite route seems less strenuous. Lots of ducks, flowers, beautiful. A lot more trash than there used to be, nevermind the 3,000 trash cans along the way. Smoke butts, water bottles.... pick up your own trash, people, and most importantly, HIKE SAFE!

Reviewed by David on 11/19/2008
I used to do this hike with many variations back when I was in college. My favorite was to start from the end of Arboles and hike down canyon, past the waterfall, all the way until a steep trail takes you up to Lizard Rock. Those switchbacks made the hike worthwhile. From there it was a leisure flat walk back to the car.

Reviewed by KAM on 7/20/2008
I took this loop - Mesa Trail>>Box Canyon Trail>>Lizard Rock>>Stagecoach Trail>>Mesa Trail. The first half of the hike is not that exciting. It feels like you're just walking on a service road. Sitting on top of the Lizard makes the hike worth it...great view of Wildwood Canyon down into Santa Rosa Valley. Stagecoach Trail is a walk along the edge of a 400ft drop into Wildwood Canyon. Stopping at the high point of the trail, you can look down into the canyone and see Paradise Falls Waterfall. Highly recommend. As I took in this view, a Turkey Volture flew about 10ft from me as it glided over the canyon. Very cool! I like the Moonridge Trail down to Paradise Falls better than this hike, but the views are amazing atop Lizard Rock.

Reviewed by tamara on 9/6/2007
I love Wildwood Park so much that I went to the Conejo Recreation and Park district and asked them if I could teach a fitness class there. If you are unfamiliar with the park, it is a great way to learn more about the trails, meet new people and get fit. New classes begin September 18th. We meet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. If you are interested, find out more at If you're up for exploring on your own, the park is great. There is a ton of wildlife. Mornings are the best or just before sunset in the summer. The park has two waterfalls and a vast terrain. You really can't go wrong. See you on the trails!

Reviewed by Claudia on 5/5/2007
Went on this hike four times this month. The first time was so amazing that I had to take all my kids and friends and they loved it too! Saw a baby rattler (be careful) and mother duck with her 7 ducklings. The waterfall is the best part! Trails are all great...See you on the trails!!

Reviewed by Darren on 3/9/2007
I love this area. It was my childhood 'playground' over 30 years ago. My childhood friends and I who spent a few years living next to what we referred to as simply "The Canyon" spent much of our time hiking, looking for frogs, snakes, lizards, and building 'forts' in the scrub. Upon a return in 2002, I still remembered the known (and unknown!) trails like I did when I was a kid. And yes, Paradise falls is still as beautiful as ever. I highly recommend visiting this wonderful place!

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