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Lost Lake

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wildflowers, waterfalls in season, marshy lake
Near:Bellingham, WA
Distance:9 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1400 ft
Hike Time:4.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: In the spring, there are lots of interesting wildflowers including Wintergreen, Calypso Orchids and Coralroot. We also saw some large snails and a rough-skinned newt. The trail itself is in forest with few views of anything else. You will walk parrallel to the lake for a long distance with only teasing views. Once you get there, the shoreline is very boggy and not much to do. It is not a popular trail so likely you will have it to yourself. Be careful of the thick stands of stinging nettle lining both sides of the trail on the Lost Lake part.
Trailhead: Drive south from Bellingham on Chuckanut Drive. Park at the Fragrance Lake Trailhead. This is a fee area. Take the Fragrance Lake Trail to a junction at about 2 miles. Take the trail to the right instead of to Fragrance Lake and walk about 200 feet down an old logging road. The Lost Lake trail will be on the left. When you get to a white gate, go around it and you will be on the 2 mile trail down to the lake. In the rainy season, there are some waterfalls. The lake does not have much of a shoreline, lots of boggy areas around it. (Lat:48.64727 Lon:-122.48634)
Trail Guides for Lost Lake:
Hiking Whatcom County
by Ken Wilcox  (NW Wild Books)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Bellingham Parks and Recreation 360 676-6985
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Robbie Hochreiter, who has posted  24 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
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Reviewed by CH on 2/2/2014
We just hiked up today, we took our dog and we had a blast. We hiked the road trail from the main Lost Lake parking. We did get a late start so we didn't actually get all the way to the lake. We stopped and had lunch by a very beautiful waterfall right next to the path. There is a smooth rock placed right next to the waterfall so you can sit and enjoy a rest or take pictures or have a lunch break. We went up to Fragrance Lake a few years ago and hiked up on the other trail that has lots of switch backs and is also very pretty. The downside to taking the road trail is that going in the uphill climbs can be pretty exhausting if your out of shape or just haven't been in awhile. I would recommend going when the days are long during summer.

Reviewed by D.S. on 4/15/2012
The lake has a very ominous feeling. I felt that at a minute the creature from the black lagoon was going to crawl out of the lake and pull me under. In other ways it was just what I needed. Best described as quiet, and still. I found many places to sit and have lunch because no else was there. On the east side of the lake there is a nice open overlook. There was no trail to this section, however this was probably a decade ago.

Reviewed by BLW on 7/10/2010
Pleasent hike and a great workout. Trail seemed to be hardly used as I broke through many spider webs on my way up to the lake. Trail is also still very muddy and overgrown in parts. There isn't a very good place to sit and have lunch unless you travel on the unmaintained, very overgrown East Lost Lake Trail. The Lake was very beautiful and well worth the hike.

Reviewed by Ekav on 4/15/2010
My boyfriend and I did this hike and found it to be pretty interesting. When we had reached the lake we sat out on a long fallen tree that was lying in the water since we were unable to find any decent resting spot. We were relaxing and enjoying the view when all of a sudden a giant bird (the biggest I have ever seen) slowly flew across the lake skimming the water. At first it was majestic, but then all of a sudden the bird did two very close fly bys and then attempted to attack us. It was so insane we had to run for cover. The huge bird ended up following us almost the whole way back to the main trail. I still cannot identify the bird.

Reviewed by rollgeczi on 2/18/2009
This was a very good hike. The trail was in good condition until you got on the down hill side towards the lake. Then it got pretty muddy. If you stick to trail that loops around the lake you come across a cool looking waterfall. the trail continues on, just stick to the right on all the trail intersection and it take you all the way around although it doesn't feel like but it does. Good day hike pack a lunch.

Reviewed by Amars on 8/25/2008
Hiked 8/16. Nice hike, very bearable grade as a majority of the trail is following along old logging roads. A warning - most of the trail is partially overgrown with stinging nettles, pants recommended. Oh, and the lake is beautiful!

Reviewed by Brett on 6/19/2008
The last 1/2 of the trail is very muddy most of the year. Stinging nettles are dense in the late spring/summer. The west side of the lake is extremely difficult to reach, and the north and south ends are fairly boggy. There are a few decent lookouts on the east side, and the outlet stream is a work of wonder. Lots of fallen trees and dead fall makes this trail difficult. The lake holds a population of stunted (small!) Coastal Cutthroat trout. If you plan to fish, bring plenty of tackle as the majority of the lake is very snag-filled.

Reviewed by yeahdude on 12/10/2005
anyone know about the fish in it?

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