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Lower Lena Lake

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Gentle switch-back trail leads a beautiful mountain lake in just 90 minutes
Near:Lilliwaup, WA
Distance:4.6 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1200 ft
Hike Time:2.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: The hike is very popular one and easy to get to, so expect to see several hikers on summer weekends and holidays. The trail is quite wide in the beginning and is very well maintained the entire route. A series of gentle sloping switch-backs will be found after the first .25 miles, but they are easy to traverse and weave through quiet, deep woods of 2nd grow Fir and Cedar. You will cross several bridges along the way, but most river beds are dry in late summer. Approximately .5 mi. from the lake, the trail splits to the left, for Upper Lena Lake. If you brought Fido, you will enter the Olympic National Park approximately 1/2 mile past Lower Lena and dogs are not allowed in the Park, so keep the pup at Lower Lena. The trail eventually opens up to a spectacular mountain lake, with several campsites along the west shore and heavy boulders on the eastern side. Many hikers dive off these rocks, but caution is the word of the day. Overall - a GREAT hike for all!
Trailhead: Pickup a one-day parking pass at the Quilcene or Hoodsport Ranger Station. The Hamma Hamma Recreational Area turn-off is 22.6 miles south on Hwy-101 from Quilcene or 13.5 miles north on Hwy-101 from Hoodsport. Turn into the Hamma Hamma Recreation. Area and follow a well-paved road for 7.3 miles. The trailhead is on the right and very well marked. Lots of parking is available and good weather and holidays will usually bring a lot of hikers as well. The trail ahead is an easy hike and definitely worth the effort. (Lat:47.59972 Lon:-123.15085)
Trail Guides for Lower Lena Lake :
Hiking Olympic National Park
by Erik Molvar (Falcon Press Publishing)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Hoodsport Ranger District, Hoodsport, WA. (360) 877-5254
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Dan and Laura Eckstein, who has posted  1 other hike on this site
Trail Reviews  Page 1 of 5   Submit your own review
Reviewed by Vin on 4/10/2016
Moderate level of difficulty is accurate in describing, which involves elevation gain and rocks and roots. The rocks and roots make it slower to descend, since there is a tripping or ankle turning risk. This is a pretty hike and the lower Lena Lake destination is beautiful. Did this 1.5 hours up and a bit over an hour down. Consider 2.5 -3.5 hours with a cardio of 120 bpm or more up and 110 down at this pace. I recommend an early start and to take your time. Rigid sole traction hiking boots or shoes are a must with the rocks and hiking pole(s) can be of benefit to some.

Reviewed by SR on 7/4/2015
A lovely hike and great for beginners like me. Even in the heat it was doable.

Reviewed by scott on 9/23/2012
My 11 yr old son and I did this day hike it was a great hike loved it great trails nice campsites at the lake. Lake is low but still very scenic. I wouldn't place this hike in the easy it isn't difficult but for the everydayer it isn't easy. and it is just shy of 7 miles and two hours each way. but i would recommend it to all who like the outdoors.

Reviewed by TY on 5/14/2012
It was a great hike, but the path wasn't "easy" for occasional hikers. There was quite a bit of loose rocks and roots, especially at the lower elevation. The rocks and roots weren't terrible, but anyone not steady on their feet will have a difficult time. Other than that, the trail was well maintained and the scenery was beautiful. We're going on this one again!

Reviewed by CC on 4/28/2012
Nice hike, just did it today. The snow described by someone last week is all gone now. The upper trail is somewhat wet with water flowing over it, but nothing too abnormal or problematic with proper shoes. Someone also described the trail as full of rocks and roots - yes there are some, but not as bad as I was expecting after reading the review. It was just a day hike for us (and only to the lower lake), so I can't comment on the campground. Overall nice day.

Reviewed by Michelle on 4/8/2012
great hike some fallen trees on trail from recent storm. about 1.5 miles up you hit snow but trail is packed down. campsite at lower lena lake clear of snow.

Reviewed by Steve on 9/11/2011
My family of 6 just hiked this trail today. our ages were 8 & 13 yo boys and 15 & 17 yo girls. mom and dad are 35 & 37. I didnt look at the review before we went. when I saw it tonight i was shocked that it said EASY. Not easy by any means. Lots of loose rocks and roots. It isnt a 4.6 mile hike round trip. 6.4 is more realistic. I love the rock cliff above the lake but the lake side isnt the best. Lots of loose rocks on a downhill grade. The flies were terrible. I havnt seen flies that big or aggresive since Iraq! All in all I was happy with the hike because my family toughed it out and had a great time. i dont think they thought they had it in them to do it. They proved themselves wrong. Now on to our next hike!

Reviewed by ES on 8/17/2011
I'm with CB. Not really an easy hike for the occasional hiker, so better if you're in some kind of shape to take the hills. Lots of loose rocks, protruding roots, and fairly steep terrain with 1200 ft climb. The trailhead map says this is a 3.2 mile hike to the lake, so it's actually a 6.4 mile hike, round trip, not 4.6 as it says above. At a decent pace up and brisk pace back down, it took us (2 middle-aged adults) approx 3 3/4 hours. A couple of cool bridges, creek sounds but no view of the creek except in one spot. The rocky area overlooking the lake is a perfect place to stop and enjoy the view of the pristine and quiet lake, but there are other day hikes I'd do again before considering this one.

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