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Malibu Creek - Rock Pool, Century Lake

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Volcanic walls, reflecting pools, picturesque lake, and an easy hike
Near:Malibu, CA
Distance:3.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:250 ft
Hike Time:2 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Lovely walk down oak shaded lane, a stunning rock pool with vertical walls of volcanic rock, and a picturesque lake pretty enough for a calendar. An easy hike with lots of variety. At the Rock Pool, watch rock climbers attempt to scale the Planet of the Apes wall, were the movie of the same names was filmed. When you reach Century lake, make sure to take the path down to the lake, its a truly spectacular place to stop for a picnic. Those with more energy can continue on several miles past Century lake to the site of the old M.A.S.H television series.
Trailhead: From Highway 101/Ventura Freeway, take Las Virgines Road in Agora towards the beach. Just after crossing Mulhulland Road, you will see the Malibu Creek State Park entrance on your right. Park in the second parking lot. (Lat:34.09625 Lon:-118.71646)
Trail Guides for Malibu Creek - Rock Pool, Century Lake:
Afoot & Afield In Los Angeles
by Jerry Schad  (Wilderness Press)

Day Hikers Guide to Southern California
by John McKinney  (Olympus Press)

Hiking Trails of Malibu Creek State Park
by Milt McAuley  (Canyon Publishing)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Bikes
Ranger Contact:  Malibu Creek State Park, 818-880-0350
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Jim Zuber, who has posted  104 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Marga Feeney on 9/23/2012
My 3 friends and me got there Sunday morning before the ranger and waited to pay the parking fee of $12. We went on until the Mash site, took pictures, had a little snack and kept going till a fork with a sign reading to the Bulldog trail 3.4 miles and to the right didn't say, so we ask a group of cyclists that were there and they told us that the right trail was easy and only 1.5 miles, so guess what we went on the left side, we were told that it reached 1200 ft and was very difficult. We went on for 3+ miles and didn't reach the top, we were really close but two of us had run out of water by then and it was really hot had to go back, total we hiked 13+ miles roundtrip. Love it! bring lots of water, saw deer, quails, beautiful

Reviewed by DangerDave on 12/16/2011
Sorry, my review below is for the Saddle Peak hike, not this one. Sorry for any confusion.

Reviewed by DangerDave on 12/12/2011
We did this hike Sunday, Dec 11th. It was cool, probably mid to upper 50s when we started at 8:30am and about 10 degrees warmer when we finished up a few hours later – perfect hiking weather. While the elevation gain is about 1800 feet, it’s fairly gradual. There are a couple of spots on the first portion that are moderately steep, but other than that, the whole hike is pretty consistent. The trail is in great shape. We saw a couple of rabbits and some hummingbirds, but not much else in the way of wildlife. When crossing stunt road, which happens twice, it’s easy to lose the trail, as the trailhead doesn’t begin directly across the road. You’ll have to hike along the road for a bit to pick up the trail. Total hike - 8.2 mi

Reviewed by Viewer on 10/16/2011
Took grandkids 3 and 6 had great day

Reviewed by Jumper80 on 8/9/2011
I have been to this spot twice now and loved it. Very loud group of people the first time but its enough space to sit elsewhere. Plus, its a state park.. it's going to be crowded. Top of the high jump there is a nice spot to sit and relax with friends which is cool. Little nooks in the rocks are neat also. A lot of kids were there when we went but everyone is having fun. Different size rocks for those that are scared of heights or the big one for those adrenaline junkies. Hike is easy! About 30 minutes from the road (assuming you dont pay to park in the entrance area). We have seen tons of deer each time we go and the mountains are so beautiful. Reminds me of a safari.. Perfect place to take scenic photos !!

Reviewed by SJ on 4/2/2011
best one in L.A. yet

Reviewed by Hatter on 3/6/2011
Showed up and started the hike on the fire road that had more than 10 people on it, ended up cutting across the stream about 1\8 of a mile down the trail to a side trail on the left of fire road at this point there was only one other small group on the trail with us, after we past the visitor center and hit a anther small trail behind the Visitor center, we found our self alone on the trail for most of the hike back to the Rock pools, once we got to the rock pools there was a well amount of people and children, sun bathing, swimming, cliff diving, rock climbing and just exploring the area.. there was alot of rock of walls i was able to climb we no gear, easy of a few people in our group that was there first time going up. Fun for all

Reviewed by vv on 12/28/2010
Hiked this trail yesterday. Nice and easy, plenty of shade. Would have to get closer to the rock pool, but water was too cold ! Signage isnt the greatest - the turn for the rock pool from Crags Rd isnt marked (walk towards the visitor center - the rock pool trail is imme. before the bridge). WARNING: Our car was broken into - we were parked on Mulholland and Virgenes, gone for only about 4 hours (11.30-3.30). I know $12 sounds like a lot, but I know where I am parking next time ! If you do decide to take the risk, take everything valuable with you - cellphones, wallets, ipods, GPS....

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