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Indiana, Morgan-Monroe SF_Low Gap 10 Mile Loop

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A 10 mile loop hike thru very nice forest within 1 hour drive of Indianapolis
Near:Martinsville, IN
Distance:10 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:2500 ft
Hike Time:5.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: The trail passes through a valley with a rock overhang which is part of a shorter version of this trail called Rock Shelter Trail and is 3.1 miles. The trail crosses Low Gap road where another parking area is.

The trail section East of Low Gap road passes thru a backcountry camping area where Leave No Trace backpack camping is permitted. Please follow Leave No Trace ethics and camp only in previously used campsites. Fires are not recommended due to the chance of starting a wildfire and destroying the forest you came out to enjoy.

When the Low Gap Trail reaches the Orcutt forest road, the Low Gap Trail turns left. At this intersection, hikers will see a sign with a "T" turning to the right where the 45-mileTecumseh trail begins. See website for details and a map of the Tecumseh trail. Hikers can follow the Tecumseh trail out to Bear Lake and back, and return to the Low Gap trail, to add about 4 more miles to the hike.

Trailhead: From Indianapolis, take State Road 37 South, until passed Martinsville. Passed Martinsville, SR37 will continue somewhat level and then go uphill. Passed the top of the hill on SR37, there is a sign for Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Turn East at the sign off of SR37. This county road will intersect another county road at a stop sign. Turn slightly right, onto the other county road. This road was old state road 37, years ago. Continue until reaching the Morgan-Monroe State Forest sign on the left. Turn left and follow this road until reaching the Low Gap Trailhead on the right. (Lat:39.31137 Lon:-86.42502)
Trail Guides for Indiana, Morgan-Monroe SF_Low Gap 10 Mile Loop:
Morgan-Monroe State Forest Hiking Trail Map
by MMSF  (MMSF_765_342_4026)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter,
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Morgan-Monroe State Forest Office, Indiana DNR, 765-342-4026
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Patrick J. Eaton, who has posted  3 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
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Reviewed by Cubmaster on 9/25/2015
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Reviewed by BJB on 3/30/2011
I have been hiking this trail since 1990 and have done the 10 mile loop with children with special needs. This is a great loop and a great park!!! I hope folks enjoy it like I have and would highly recommend this hiking trip!!! BJB

Reviewed by Maryelle on 8/23/2010
Volunteers from the Hoosier Hikers Council maintain this trail. Of course, there is always more to do. The HHC has a new topo map, similar to the Knobstone Trail map, that shows the Low Gap Trail and the 41 mile Tecumseh Trail. The map can be purchased from the website The Hoosier Hikers Council also has a page on Facebook. Check it out.

Reviewed by joebob on 5/31/2010
Good hike, however very hot in June take lots of water. I probably would have gotten lost if not for the directions of a runner who told me about the long gravel road and to stay on it and watch for the blazes. I later remembered that this trail is trail 7 in the Morgan/Monroe Maps or I would have also gotten lost at the last left turn which took me directly to the trail head. This is a nice workout for longer hikes.

Reviewed by AS on 5/19/2010
The hike was nice, until we got very lost. I would have like better maps. The maps we did find didn't have all the necessary information. But over all it was beautiful. Next I'm finding a map, and bringing a compass.

Reviewed by Connie on 5/28/2009
We hiked this lovely trail after a heavy rain yesterday. Parts of the trail were muddy but the scenery, smell and sounds were more than enough to make up for the mudslides. Well marked, this trail follows white-blazed markers on trees. Just pay attention to them and you can't get lost. Some of the creeks were heavy with rain water, so be prepared to get muddy and wet feet after this hike. And watch for ticks! We all came home with a few. It took us 3:43 hours at a brisk pace to hike this up-and-down-and-around trail. Birds and butterflies aplenty!

Reviewed by Jim on 7/19/2007
Great trail!!! Made an overnighter out of this trail with my daughter. Gorley ridge is a good climb.

Reviewed by Kevin S. on 3/20/2007
Nice trail, good backcountry excursion for beginners. Avoid bringing a dog on the trail in the Spring, however -- LOTS of ticks. My dog picked up nearly two dozen on a single hike.

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