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FMSP - North Franklin Mountain

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Hike to the highest mountain peak in El Paso Texas.
Near:El Paso, TX
Distance:7.87 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:3052 ft
Hike Time:5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Follow the main trail. At 0.58 miles there is a junction. Follow the main trail left. At 1.22 miles there is a wooden bridge. At 1.68 miles you arrive at Mundys Gap. Continue down the east side to the next junction at 2.2 miles. The sign shows the proper direction. Follow the trail to the right. From this point follow the trail to the top. NOTE: Dogs have made this hike, but there is much loose rock on the trail.
Trailhead: From the junction of I-10 and Trans-Mountain road, go east on Trans-Mountain road 3.8 miles. Turn left at the park entrance. Stop and pay the park fee at the gate, or proceed to the ranger booth as the signs direct. Once past the ranger booth, proceed into the park and turn right at the first paved road going right. Follow the paved road to the parking lot at the top. The large wooden sign board is the trailhead. (Lat:31.91683 Lon:-106.50948)
Trail Guides for FMSP - North Franklin Mountain:
Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Horses,
Ranger Contact: Texas Parks and Wildlife, Franklin Mountain State Park. (915) 566-6441
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Michael P. Olbrisch, who has posted  71 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Soraya on 12/19/2013
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Reviewed by JK on 8/11/2013
Just finished this hike for the first time. One of the nicer trails I've hiked in El Paso. Started somewhat early (7:30) and luckily had some low cloud cover for the entire trip up and a little of the hike back down. Without the clouds, I would've wanted to start earlier (6:30 when the park opens?). The first 0.35 miles is not very fun as you are hiking on brick size rocks, but once that breaks, the trail is really pretty decent. A few spots where rock is on the trail, but nothing like the beginning and none of those spots are very long. If you go later, you will be in the sun a lot and it was getting warm as I got finished around 10:45. 1:45 up, 20-30 minutes at the top, 1:15 back down. A nice morning hike.

Reviewed by PK on 10/16/2011
Hiked it in Oct 2011. Path was well maintained and easy to follow. No markings but the path is obvious the entire hike. Make sure you pay attention the two times the trail forks (going up AND coming down) but other than that, it's easy. Trailmaps are available at the park entrance. For the first .5 miles you're walking on a rock-slide: lots of loose rocks but it gets better, goes to gravel and dirt.

Reviewed by sg on 5/3/2010
I did this hike in sep 2008 with my wife. We got lost during the descent. We were down on water and there was no cell phone reception to call for help. Some how after spending total of 9 hours in the sun, we ended up on the east side of the mountains and called a cab from there to take us back to our car! Hopefully the trail is better marked now. Carry a lot of water! If you get lost like us, you will be thankful.

Reviewed by Justin on 4/11/2010
I made the climb on 4/10/10. Very challenging and exhausting due to all the loose rock - but still worth the climb. It took me 4 hours to do the hike roundtrip - including a few water breaks at vistas along the way. Bring extra water and snacks and possibly a walking stick. Sunblock would be advised as well.

Reviewed by Jim on 5/9/2008
4th trip up; went up in Feb while weather still cool. There has been some repair and restoration from the destruction of the storm of 2006, mainly on lower level, but upper area still in relatively poor condition. Nonetheless it all seems worthwhile when you reach the top.

Reviewed by Brian on 10/8/2007
(23 Sep 07) Great Hike! Started early when the park opened. Awesome view from the top. Round trip: 3.5 hours. Will do again!

Reviewed by Lucia and Marie on 5/20/2007
Hiked N. Franklin on 5/20/07. The 7.2 mile hike was challenging, mainly due to the quarry like trail at the beginning. Should consider bringing extra water and leaving early for the hike. It took almost 5 hours to do the round trip with several water breaks. The Vista at the top is worth the climb. It was good to see many hikers (young and old) enjoying the trail.

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