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Osio Rock and Tourne Mtn

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Short hike with nice views that passes an unusual stone livingroom.
Near:Bloomingdale, NJ
Distance:2.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:600 ft
Hike Time:1.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: Catch the blue blazed Hewitt Butler Trail. It climbs a rocky area, then crosses the beginning of the red blazed Tourne Trail. Continue past the red trail and up a fairly steep slope. Upon reaching the top there are some nice views to the northwest. In an open area to your left is an interesting stone living room, complete with chairs, arm rests, love seats, hassocks and end tables, all made of stone.The view from the living room is a nice one, making it a great place for lunch. Continue on the blue trail and it begins to descend steeply down a rocky area and crosses the red trail again at the bottom of a rocky ravine. Continue on the blue. It begins to climb again and you'll shortly reach the summit, known as Osio Rock, with excellent 360 degree views thanks to the gypsy moths killing all the trees there. Turn around and retrace your steps back down and catch the red trail in the ravine. After short scramble over rocks its an easy walk back to the car.
Trailhead: Hamburg Turnpike to Glenwild Ave. Parking area is next to Bloomingdale/West Milford border (look for Welcome to West Milford sign, or Welcome to Bloomingdale sign depending on which direction you are traveling.

Trailhead is directly across from parking area. (Lat:41.04405 Lon:-74.34812)

Trail Guides for Osio Rock and Tourne Mtn:
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by Bruce Scofield  (Backcountry Press)

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Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: NJ Division of Parks and Forestry 973-962-2242
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Brian Sniatkowski, who has posted  50 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by NJUrbanForest on 10/6/2012
Take a look at a virtual hike of Norvin Green State Forest! Plenty of Pictures!!

Reviewed by jb on 3/31/2012
Me and my friends decided that going on a nice adventurre to the stone living room would be a cool way to spend the day. But we didn't know exactly how to get there. Then we found the coordinates on this website and ended up getting lost in the woods because the coordinated take you to the middle of a swamp area in the middle of the woods. So. Thanks for ruining the day.

Reviewed by Ying on 5/6/2010
Tourne is a good view. nice short hike that anyone can do. from the bottom to chairs on the trail that goes right it only takes like 7 minutes to get to but it's straight up so it's a little tiring if u don't stop. i used to love grillin steaks at the chairs but people keep ruining the place with broken bottles and what not. i remember rebuilding them a few years ago and spent half a day just making the throne. in fact i left my chain hoist hidden in a crevice up there cause i was too lazy to carry it back down:p i had some other toys stashed up there that people found :p good amatuer hike. if u keep going past tourne there's salbation rock/chimney rock i think it's called. pretty neat how there's such a huge rock in the wood

Reviewed by MK on 6/30/2009
Stone Living Room is not destroyed, just keep walking further up the ridge. That first stone plateau is NOT the living room, it is beyond the trees, off the trail.

Reviewed by Chris on 11/15/2008
Decent hike. Not exceptionally hard but I would but the difficulty way above Pyramid Mountain. Exceptional views from the top. Unfortunately, the Stone Living Room was completely destroyed when I went. Also, on the blue trail many of the markers are painted on rocks at your feet. During the autumn months the falling leaves will cover the markers leaving you scratching your head which way to go.

Reviewed by Terri on 8/8/2008
It was a little hard to see the stone living room through all the summer growth. It is at the 2nd set of lookout rocks you come across, make a 180 turn and you will see an unmarked path. After a few feet if you look to your right you will see it set up. Very cool...And the 360 views once you reach Osio Rock incredible

Reviewed by 1ADAM12 on 10/20/2005
Short but sweet.Took me longer to get there then to hike.

Reviewed by SL on 9/6/2005
No need to reveiw the hike since everyone has pretty much said it all just wanted to let people know that some inconsiderate indiviuals have all but torn apart the stone living room, i just hiked it 8/4/05

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