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Sunfish Pond

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Great glacial pond, lots of wildlife, well maintained trail system
Near:Bushkill, PA
Distance:9.25 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1200 ft
Hike Time:4.5 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots

Summary: This hike is a moderate climb to Sunfish Pond, following the Appalachian Trail heading north. The trail is well maintained and well used by dayhikers and overniters alike. The hike has a few strenuous climbs, but mostly evenly graded climbs with a few level areas in between. I followed the Dunnfield Hollow Trail down from Sunfish Pond to make it a loop. This trail does have some rather steep sections, and I probably wouldnt suggest it as an uphill route if I had a fully loaded pack.
Trailhead: The trail head starts at the Dunnfield parking area just off Rte. 80 in New Jersey. When driving on Rte. 80, on the New Jersey side of the Deleware River, you will see the Dunnfield Parking area. There are many signs for the Water Gap, on the highway as well. Park in this Are, or in the Overflow Lot ( a grassy area nearby) ANd follow signs to the trailhead of the AT. (Lat:40.97078 Lon:-75.12764)
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Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: National Park Service New Jersey/Pennsylvania Worthington State Forest Ranger
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Matthew Chapin, who has posted  1 other hike on this site
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Reviewed by DougCC on 8/28/2010
I've approached Sunfish Pond from the Rt. 80 parking area and from the Old Mine Rd. trailheads. Either way you go, be sure to take the loop around the pond, you will get a nice elevated view of the pond from the southern side. One particular section of the AT follows along a ravine with a stream running through it. At one point there is a small waterfall that pours into a really cool formation that basically looks like a large stone bathtub. The water is perfectly clear and it looks like it would be a great place for a swim, but unfortunately that isn't allowed.

Reviewed by elwray on 4/23/2010
I've done this hike several times, and it's one of my favorites. We usually alternate between this and the Mt Tammany hike. This hike is easier than the Mt Tammany, but longer. Mt Tammany has great landscape views, however Sunfish Pond is a great reward to relax by and have lunch at at the peak of the hike!

Reviewed by Jenna G. on 6/7/2009
I hiked to sunfish Pond at the Douglas (Garvey Springs) parking area in Worthington State Park. We hiked up the Blue dot Douglas Trail to the Appalachian Trail and then around the southside of the pond trail to the turquoise trail to the ledges on the east side of the pond. The pond water is very blue, its beautiful. I rarely hike & i find this hike to be a great workout it gets steep at times & right when I feel like stopping it always levels out and gives me time to slow down & catch my breath. When you get to the pond, its really pretty the water is clear & turquoise.... Theres a stone ledge you can climb and hang out on - a great place for lunch. It took me 1hr 45min. to get to the pond. I saw some black bears who paid us no mind.

Reviewed by Liz on 3/17/2009
My boyfriend and I spent 2 nights here last summer, we loved beautiful trails and scenery. It's amazing how immersed in nature you can be after hiking an hour. We saw a few bears, big scary snakes, tons of deer, turkey, frogs.... The pond is very close to the AT campsite with beautiful clear water and big rocks for laying in the sun. The outhouses at the campsite were well maintained too. I was always more into "car camping", so this was a good transition into backpacking trips.

Reviewed by James on 1/21/2009
Last fall i hiked the Appalachian from the Water gap to High Point State forest. The first three miles from the Gap were crazy due to a lightning storm and heavy rainfall. It was a steady uphill gain to the camping area but i imagine it would of been rather easy on another day. I camped the night there and then made my way very early in the morning to Sunfish Pond. As i sat down to eat breakfast i got to see a truly wonderful sight. The the sun rose and the water was being warmed, the whole lake steamed as if it were on fire. Truly amazing... one of my favorite parts of the trip. i would recomend to any hiker.. I'm making a weekend out of it as soon as the weather warms a bit!

Reviewed by Mike on 9/6/2007
I hiked the Appalachian trail from the Dunnfield Parking Area to Sunfish Pond and back. The trail was scenic, but I found the rocky uphill conditions to be very challenging. As a novice hiker, I made the mistake of wearing sneakers rather than hiking boots. This trail requires boots! Even wearing sneakers, I managed to complete the round trip in just over 3.5 hours, which included 30 minutes of sightseeing around Sunfish Pond. The water was extremely clean, and the pond was beautiful. I highly recommend the effort.

Reviewed by George on 9/1/2007
I have hiked this - first in my teens, then twenties and the last time at 50 with my teenage son - still fun (but it was a challenge - next time a bit more practice). Great Place.

Reviewed by Will on 8/11/2007
After years of hiking in the Sierra Nevada, the Rockies, and the Alps, Sunfish Pond still seems like one of the most beautiful, pleasant hikes available (especially in N.J.). Great trail, fine scenery, a decent campsite, and weekday solitude make it a classic.

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