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The Crags

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Beautiful rock formations, nice rock climbing, hiking along a nice stream.
Near:Divide, CO
Distance:3.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:630 ft
Hike Time:2 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Follow this trail along Fourmile creek all the way up to the Crags. The trail is well traveled and easy to follow. At about the 3/4 of a mile mark there is an alternative trail that heads off to the left. This trail will also take you to the Crags, just the southern end of them. As the trail nears the crags you will see lots of large rock formations. The last part of this trail gains a lot of elevation, but it's worth it since the views from the top are wonderful.

No rock climbing is required to get here, but the opportunity is definitely there for those who wish to do so.

Trailhead: To reach the trailhead take highway 24 to Divide CO. At Divide head south on highway 67 for 4.3 miles. Take a left on the road that has a sign for the Crags Campground. Follow this road to the Crags Campground. Turn left into the campground and follow it to the end where you will find a parking lot and a sign for the Crags trail. (Lat:38.87127 Lon:-105.11956)
Trail Guides for The Crags :
100 Classic Hikes in Colorado Second Edition
by Scott S Warren (The Mountaineers Books)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Bikes, Horses,
Ranger Contact: Pikes Peak Ranger District (719) 636-1602
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Joshua Friesema, who has posted  97 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
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Reviewed by Chris on 9/23/2013
Awesome views from the top and bring some extra granola bars to feed the chipmunks and the birds. Really exciting for the kids. My 72 year old Mom made it to the top it is well worth it.

Reviewed by Bridgette on 8/1/2013
Great hike for families. My kids, ages 9,11,14,15 all made it quite easily. Has fantastic views, especially when you reach the summit. Just a great beginner trail that can be done in about 3 hours. HIghly recommend.

Reviewed by Bryce on 9/30/2012
Lower parking lot (Crags Trailhead) is free. $6 for upper parking lot (as I found out the hard way). Bathrooms available at both locations. Took Cub Scouts (8 to 10 yr olds) on roundtrip in about 2.5 hours with 20 min exploration at top. Steep elevation near the summit and need good hiking shoes to avoid slipping on the eroding stone formations and minor scree. Well traveled, well marked path particularly on the return to the trailhead (vs the campground). Beautiful all the way with fall colors, wildlife, and mountain and city views at the top.

Reviewed by Deb on 9/30/2012
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Reviewed by Richvs on 9/20/2012
Great hike & beautiful views of the Pikes Peak area. Fall colors are spectacular here esp in late Sept. Good area for tent & camper-trailer enthusiasts. The Craigs trail has a branch off to the right (southeast) which goes to Devils Playground & up to Pikes Peak. The stream along the Craigs trail is worth the time & effort to get there alone. The Craigs trail is also great for mountain bikers. Definitely a regular visit on our mountain hike schedule!

Reviewed by Tim on 9/9/2012
Okay hike. Use the lower parking lot, the upper lot you have to pay for. The hike is not 3.5 miles... it is about 5.2 miles round trip. The elevation change is over 800 vertical feet. I used a GPS with over 11 satellites tracking. Great view from the top. Do not hike if you don't like dogs or kids. Overall, very easy hike. plan for 1.5 hours up and .75 hours down. Watch out for thunderstorms, kids not paying attention, parents not paying attention, and dogs smaller than cats that people think need to be brought.

Reviewed by Rob & Suzanne on 2/26/2012
Very scenic. Trail is well traveled and therefore well packed and easy to follow. We encountered several snowshoers, skiers and dogs. Not many steep grades but pretty much uphill all the way. Very windy at higher altitudes. There is a parking area just past the sign that says "Now leaving Mennonite Camp." The road this far was clear and easy to drive, and the parking lot was very crowded. I would advise arriving early to get a parking space. Beyond this point the road was much more snow covered and would require a 4WD vehicle. If you can navigate it, there is a much bigger parking lot a little farther up the road, at the actual trailhead, and it was almost empty.

Reviewed by Seth on 11/22/2011
A great hike with the family! While at the top, I took a 360 panoramic. Enjoy! Seth Meyer

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