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Mt. Timpanogos on the Timpanokee trail

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More wild flowers than you have ever seen
Near:American Fork, UT
Distance:12.4 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:4652 ft
Hike Time:7.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Everyone who hikes in Utah at sometime or another has to hike Mt Timpanogos . Timp as she is affectionately known as, is the second highest peak in the Wasatch, but is by far the most hiked mountain in Utah. Towering 11,750 feet above Provo Utah her majestic peaks beg the students from BYU and the general population alike to come climb her. Timp is a huge Mountain and can easily accommodate the hundreds of people who hike her trails each summer. On our trip to the top we took the Timpooneke Trail, There is another trail from the south that is equally well traveled. The hike to the summit is not a difficult one though at 12.4 miles round trip, it took us about 11 hours Along the trail you will experience Mother natures beauty, more wild flowers than you could ever imagine moose, mountain goats, and birds. From the top stretching down to emerald lake you will find the southern most glacier in the US. But from the peak you will experience. A view you will never forget.
Trailhead: From I-15 take the Alpine Highland exit. Then follow SR-92 to the mouth of American Fork canyon It will cost you 3-4 dollars to enter the Canyon. From the mouth of American Fork Canyon, go 8.4 miles along the Alpine Loop road and turn right to the Timpooneke Campground. Go a short distance past the campground host trailer to a parking lot on the left and the Timpooneke Trailhead (Lat:40.43124 Lon:-111.63921)
Trail Guides for Mt. Timpanogos on the Timpanokee trail:
Best Seasons: Fall, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Horses,
Ranger Contact: 125 South State Street Salt Lake City, UT 84138 (801) 236-3400
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Matty Ross, who has posted  26 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Alex on 7/21/2009
I loved this hike. i,ve hiked it at ages 6 8 10 and 12 and definently wouldn't mind doing it hundreds more. the trail's not best for people with fear of hights but for all others i would strongly recamend it.

Reviewed by HCFoster on 7/19/2009
What a great intro to Utah hiking. Flew in to SLC from LA, and was at the Timpooneke trailhead in time for a "crack of noon" start. I agree with Noji on the moderate rating, and since the section above Emerald Lake had some snow fields this cut out some of the upper switchbacks, resulting in a 14 mile round trip. Going on a weekday, I didn't experience any crowds and agree with those who say this is a must-do hike. The only disappointment was all the trash in the summit hut. 8 hrs r/t, not bad for a 49 y/o guy coming from sea level.

Reviewed by Noji on 7/1/2009
I love hiking Timp, and have done so a good number of times, some with my scouts and others with my family/friends. According to my GPS, the round trip on the Aspen route is about 12.5 miles and the round trip on the Timpooneke route is about 14.1 miles, contrary to what was reported by Stockley_true. And that stands to reason, since the Aspen route is a good 60 to 90 minutes shorter, and a little rockier and steeper than the Timpooneke route. I would personally rate the Timpooneke route as Moderate and the Aspen route as Moderately Strenuous, if there was such a rating. I would note the Highlights as "Breathtaking view of both Utah Valley and Heber Valley" Finally, the "glacier" is not really a glacier at all, but a snow pack.

Reviewed by LaRae on 9/14/2008
I am VERY fearful of heights and falling. Sat 9/13 lovely day on the timp trail. Weather was ideal, hiked with my husband. Took it bit by bit, once I got to the saddle put my ipod on for distraction and kept on going. Hit the summit and was happy i overcame. 43 and fat// I did it!

Reviewed by Nancy on 9/10/2008
I've hiked to the summit on the Timpanoke trail many times. A ranger I met on the trail once told me that Timpanoke is only slightly longer than the Aspen trail. Both are close to 7.5 miles one way. I don't suggest hiking after the snow falls as I almost lost my son off a cliff because he slipped and started sliding on the snow.

Reviewed by Stockley_true on 8/18/2008
Just a note about the distance. The Aspen Grove trail is longer than the Timpanokee trail. Three miles longer accounts for the difference between 18 miles and 12.2 miles. My favorite trail is Aspen Grove. The many waterfalls, cliff bands, and Timp, itself being hidden until you round the corner above 10,000 feet at Hidden Lakes, are breathtaking. Also, being able to walk under one of the waterfalls is an unexpected pleasure. Mid July to early August is a great time to go.

Reviewed by snelson on 7/28/2008
LT, you shouldnt have a problem. I have the same fear and right before the peak is the only place where you might have any difficulty. But if you get to that point you will already been to the saddle which is pretty much the same as the peak, just a little lower.

Reviewed by LT on 7/3/2008
I have a question.. I've been invited to hike to the peak about the end of July. I have a huge fear of heights/falling. I look at some of the pictures up at the peak and think "OMG I can't do that!" Is it something that I need to be concerned about freezing up if I go on this hike?

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