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Tucquan Glen Loop

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Family and dog-friendly loop hike mostly along a beautiful stream
Near:Pequea, PA
Distance:2.1 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:235 ft
Hike Time:1 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: Although this is a loop hike, I strongly suggest beginning with the left or lower side of the loop. This will keep the stream on your right side the entire hike. You'll begin by crossing a small stream on a bridge - to the left of the Tucquan Glen sign.

It's an easy hike with part of it along an old logging road. Follow the blue blazes. You'll pass the remains of an old homestead. The gorge will narrow as you get closer to the halfway point and you'll have some beautiful waterfalls over huge rocks.

At the halfway point you'll reach the railroad tracks. Turn right along the tracks and cross the bridge over Tuquan Creek. After another 100 feet or so the trail will head sharply uphill on the right. The stream will be out of sight for the first third of the return trip but the trail returns to it soon.

Trailhead: From Lancaster take Prince Street south through town to where Rte. 324 splits off. Follow Rte. 324 until it meets River Road. Turn left (South) along River road approximately 2 miles to the Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve sign on the right.

Conversely you can get there by following River Road South from Columbia. Tuquan Glen is located between Pequea and Holtwood. (Lat:39.51845 Lon:-76.20368)

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Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: N/A
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Kevin Babione, who has posted  4 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by JRA on 1/19/2016
There no longer is a bridge crossing the creek on the south side. You have to cross the creek to make a loop trip to Susquehanna and back. Trails on the south side of the creek are now blazed blue. Those on the north side are blazed yellow (goes all the way to the Susquehanna), white (High Trail connecting to yellow trail near either end), and orange (Conestoga Trail passing through the glen on parts of all the other trails). Parking is limited on weekends and holidays. Cars get towed if they park on the road! Go early or check out the many other trails nearby.

Reviewed by Jay on 8/25/2013
Beautiful area, fun and appropriately challenging hike for an out-of-shape dad and four kids ages 4.5-9. Parking was scarce. The maps available at the trailhead are beyond useless, so plan your route and bring your own map. Note there is no cell service (at least for AT&T), so let your people know where you'll be before you get there. Be prepared for creek crossings. I got a little confused on which trail was which but we didn't have any trouble finding our way back. The creek can actually be hiked in the water if you want.

Reviewed by Matt on 4/23/2012
It is very hard to get lost along this hike. The trails may not be well marked but if you find yourself straying from the trail there is not really anywhere you can go.

Reviewed by B on 1/2/2011
I have hiked this trail over the past 3 years. I usually go in the spring/summer. I highly recommend sturdy, comfortable hiking boots or trail sneakers. Just hiked the trail on new years day. It was a bit slippery with some snow. Beautiful hike to take during different seasons. So much changes in between and so much more is visible in the winter because of the bare trees. If this is your first hike, I highly recommend take the right side first so the stream is on your left. Coming back around you'll have a beautiful view of the small water falls and stream. However, consider how you will crossover the stream towards the end of your hike. A bridge used to allow you to crossover but it was taken out recently.

Reviewed by KM on 11/23/2010
I have hiked this trail several times over the past few years. I have 1 leg and manage fine, but I noticed the last time I went (mid-October) the trails seemed narrower. It is possible that with all the leaves around that it was an optical illusion. The bridge at the start of the hike was out, so I started on the other side. I actually prefer to start with the stream on my left. I love this hike, and if you dont mind getting your feet wet, it's fun to cross a couple times to explore.

Reviewed by Sue on 10/25/2010
A favorite hike in Lancaster County. Took it on 10/24/10. Took our 2 5 year-old grandchildren along for the first time. They loved it. Granddaughter found it threatening when we hit the first boulders, but got into it and both want to go back. Their favorite part was crossing the steam on a log and getting their foot wet. Missed having the bridge at the begining of the hike. Took us 2.5 hours with the 2 5-year-olds. This was not their first hike. Suggest starting on less challenging or on the right side of creek. It was beautiful- leaves at peak!

Reviewed by PTY on 10/16/2010
The bridge is still not there, so hiked the trail backwards and trail was not well marked. It was easy to get lost here, not marked well going from railroad. After that it went down hill as trail was not clear. What kind of horse are you riding here? Pegasus maybe. I mountain bike and wouldn't do this trail. It clearly states no biking and horse back riding. Not posted no bridge but taped off and only way back is crossing private property without taking your hiking boots off. This is not a sneaker trail, wear hiking boots and be in shape. The sceanry was beutiful and the waterfalls were great.

Reviewed by AB on 4/5/2010
This trail was wonderful! It is well-marked with blue paint on the trees, fun, and has great scenery. (Not sure how you would get lost unless you don't follow the markers)We took our dog and she loved it! The trail was well-maintained. The only issue we encountered was that the bridge in the beginning that the reviewer mentioned going across the stream was not there (must have broken or something). We didn't even realize it was supposed to be a bridge, so we started on the right side and looped around to the left. When we got to the left though, there was no bridge to cross back to the road. It was only about 6 inches of water so we just walked through-hopefully it will be fixed soon!

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