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Wallace Falls

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265 foot waterfall
Near:Gold Bar, WA
Distance:5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1400 ft
Hike Time:3 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: The trail starts off under power lines and comes to a well marked split. The trail to the left (Railroad) is an easier but less interesting hike that goes away from the river. It also is about a mile longer then the steeper and more interesting Woody Trail to the right. Either route takes you to magnificent views of the Lower, Middle and Upper Wallace Falls. Take your camera with plenty of batteries. We saw zero bugs and there were a fair amount of people even for a week day.
Trailhead: From I-5 in Everett, drive east on Hwy 2 for 30 miles to Gold Bar WA. Take a left at the Wallace Falls Park sign and drive another 2 miles. The trail is well marked. (Lat:47.85 Lon:-121.69)
Trail Guides for Wallace Falls:
Hiking Snohomish County
by Ken Wilcox  (Northwest Wild Books)

Pacific Northwest Hiking
by Ron C. Judd & Dan A. Nelson  (Foghorn Press)

A Waterfall Lovers Guide to the Pacific Northwest
by Gregory Plumb  (The Mountainiers)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Wallace Falls State Park, PO Box 230, Gold Bar WA 98251 (360) 793-0420
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Robbie Hochreiter, who has posted  24 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
Trail Reviews  Page 1 of 3   Submit your own review
Reviewed by Abdul on 3/26/2015
3/25/2015 was my first hiking in the U.S and as a beginner I would say that I very much liked it. However, I didn't like the buzzing of the electricity wires and it was sort of muddy in the beginning, but I'm considering going there again with a bigger group as I went last time with a couple of friends. I also liked the falls and I would highly recommend it, particularly for people who just want to have fun and take some pictures.

Reviewed by Court on 8/19/2012
Hiked with 5 kids aged 8-11 and 5 adults. We arrived at 8:45 and the lot was nearly empty, but it was full when we reached the cars again at 1 p.m. after a leisurely hike to the Upper Falls. Blackberries and huckleberries coming into season. DO NOT FEED THE CHIPMUNKS at Lower Falls even if they beg! Overcast and foggy (slight mist at Upper Falls) a welcome break following weeks of 80s or higher.

Reviewed by RM on 7/11/2012
We hiked this on July 7th and boy was it packed the parking lot was full when we got there at 12:30 so we had to walk about a little less than a quarter mile to get to the trailhead. I liked that there was proper bathrooms there and picinic tables. I was very turned off by the buzzing of the huge power lines but once you got into the trail you don't see or hear them. The falls and the trails were great but it was just way too crowded for me. I like to hike fairly quickly and even though I would say excuse me, at times I just had to push my way through cause people would not want me to pass them for some reason. But the falls are just gorgeous.It was a nice hike but if you want to be with your thoughts and a few others try another hike!

Reviewed by J on 6/24/2012
Beautiful hike. A lot of people on a Sunday! The middle falls were my favorite but did enjoy it all! That last section to the upper falls was a butt buster but also very beautiful! Our 3 hour tour took more like 5 with breaks to eat, take pictures and enjoy Mother Earth! Very rural without being too far away from home, we'd do it again!

Reviewed by Serey on 6/3/2012
THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!! Its a great place to hike, the view is amazing. Clean and easy to find. The view just keeps getting better and so worth it to hike all the way to the top because the view of the trees, mountains and waterfall is breathtaking! If you haven't been here, I suggest you go! :)

Reviewed by LR on 4/22/2011
Great hike, challenging at the end from Middle to Upper Falls. It was quite cold today, and the trail was also quite muddy. Glad to have gotten there at 8am so as to not have gone up with the crowd that arrived mid-late morning. Scenery is gorgeous- the mossy green canopy and all of the beauty down on the ground, plus the amazing falls, made it totally worth it. The best view is really from Middle Falls, Upper Falls just wasn't great.

Reviewed by jw on 12/19/2010
Was a pretty good hike considering im a beginner! At first seemed a bit boring but once you got going in to the woods the views started to look better and better. My advice is to hike the entire thing, its only an hourish all the way up. and only about 30 on the way down. Just make sure you go number 2 first! that definitley caused me to rush!

Reviewed by Viewer on 10/25/2009
We did this hike yesterday. There were only a couple of places with mud on the trail, but not too bad. Lots of water over the falls. They looked great. We also did took the upper railroad trail to the lake. Coming from the falls to just before reaching the lake there were a few places with water flowing over the trail. We were able to cross these without any problem.

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