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Wetlands Trail (Lake Mead NRA)

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Short escape off road down to rushing water, haven for birds, small wildlife
Near:Boulder City, NV
Distance:1.25 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:100 ft
Hike Time:1 hours
Trail Condition:OK, but a few difficult spots

Summary: This loop begins either behind the RR bldg or from the rock-lined path (this report) just below the RR bldg. An easy downhill leads into a steeper path along the top of ridgeline -- some wooden steps for assist. When you reach the sign warning you about poor water quality, either take the R (SE) path down to admire the water, or take the marked L (NW) path down the switchbacks as it turns into a rock-lined path along the bottom of the wash. This easy-to-follow trail leads you WNW up into a side canyon, gradually climbing along the base of the cliffs, crossing the wash, and continuing the loop back up behind the RR bldg. This is an easy loop trail, and you could easily spend a few hours along the stream enjoying the sound of rushing water. You need to work your way through the tall reeds and tamarisk (salt cedar - scourge of our desert) until reaching the shoreline, and be careful along the edge - the water undercuts the bank and it collapses easily. Do NOT swim.
Trailhead: This signed trailhead & parking area is located at 1.2 mile on Northshore Road at Lake Mead Natl Rec Area. Be cautious of the turnoff, which is located at the upper end of a dangerous, sharp curve just below the spillway for Lake of Las Vegas Resort. Northshore Road (within fee area of park) can be reached by heading East on either Lake Mead Boulevard (off I-15, through North Las Vegas and over Sunrise Mountain); or on Lake Mead Drive (off I-93/95, through Henderson, and past Lake of Las Vegas resort). No matter which way you enter the park, you will need to pay the entry fee to National Park Service for entry to Lake Mead. There is a RR bldg. located at the parking lot, and there is enough room to pull in and turn around a horse trailer. Although this trail is okay for horses, it's very short & there are longer & better horse trails at Rainbow Gardens, River Mountains trails, & further along Northshore Road (8.0 Mile Road, Boxcar Cove, North and West Wash roads). (Lat:36.12498 Lon:-114.90279)
Trail Guides for Wetlands Trail (Lake Mead NRA):
Lake Mead free map and Desert Lake View brochure
by National Park Service (Lake Mead National Rec Area)

Hiking Around Las Vegas
by Jim Boone (Jim L. Boone)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs,
Ranger Contact: Lake Mead NPS (702) 293-8907, emerg (702) 293-8932 or (800) 680-5851
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Kat Green, who has posted  86 other hikes on this site
Trail Reviews  Submit your own review
Reviewed by KAW on 9/3/2012
Hiked this trail with my Sweetie and our 5 month old Aussie. Most of the trail has been washed away. It was a pleasant hike even with the trail gone. It was a little tough in spots. Could not get around entire loop.

Reviewed by Linda on 11/17/2009
Took two small dogs, but kept close since coyotes (poop as evidence)are around. Crossed the street to other side of wash. Walking rim to highest point saw a great watering hole below a high sheer wall, stocked with what looked like huge bass. I also like the duck creek trail on Trop. east of Boulder a ways, but saw 4 large adult coyotes there with my dog on backside of pond, so made a quick exit.

Reviewed by Kristi on 2/7/2008
I hiked this path with a friend and fourteen children ages 15 years to nine months. It was a fine hike. The only slightly difficult section for the toddlers was climbing down the hill. The big kids enjoyed climbing on the boulders at the bottom.

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