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White Mountain Peak, CA

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Easy access, fantastic views and unique scenery.
Near:Big Pine, CA
Distance:15 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:3300 ft
Hike Time:8 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: White Mountain Peak is the third highest mountain peak in California at an elevation of 14,246'. It also houses the highest research facility in North America. As 14'ers go, it is probably one of the easier peaks to summit, due mainly to the 7-mile "road" that leads nearly to the summit. But don't let the road fool you, this hike is not to be taken lightly. Bring (and use) plenty of sunscreen and be sure to drink plentry of water. And as always, don't forget that camera!!

For more details and photos visit my website The Backcountry: White Mountain Peak.

Trailhead: From US Highway 395 in Big Pine, take Highway 168 north east. Drive approximately 15 miles and take a left on White Mountain Road. Drive north another 22 miles, passing the Ancient Brislecone Pine Forest until the road ends at a locked gate. That's the trailhead. Park your car in the clearing, making sure you don't block the gate. (Lat:37.53333 Lon:-118.26667)
Trail Guides for White Mountain Peak, CA:
California Hiking
by Tom Stienstra & Ann Marie Brown  (Foghorn Press)

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Horses,
Ranger Contact: White Mountain Ranger Station, (760) 873-2500
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Mike Matenkosky, who has posted  18 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by steve on 10/10/2013
interesting hike 9-28 -2013 stayed at grand view campgound the night before slept on ground and in car. nice views pretty windy dont get blisters or else will take long time to top like me 8 hours 17 min . and walking back in the dark make sure bring flash light but very good 14er

Reviewed by norman on 9/19/2009
me and the rest of the class finished it the hike in 7 hours back and forth with about 50 pounds of gear. 2009sep17

Reviewed by DannyG on 9/2/2008
Once or twice a year they open up the gate that the research facility uses to the public. This makes it around ten miles round trip. After the first hill you lose some elevation and there are a few switchbacks at the end.Well maintained trail? The trail is actually a road 4x4's use to get to the top. I went this past weekend and loved this hike. The wind conditions were a little much but when you get to the top it is really breath taking. Great hike and the surrounding areas are also georgeous.

Reviewed by Sebastien on 10/24/2007
Hey, I'd like to know the current snow conditions there? Has anyone done the hike recently? I'm thinking about going this weekend but I don't know if there's snow yet. Thanks!

Reviewed by Tim on 10/21/2007
This is an absolutely scenic hike to the top of this 14, 252 ft mountain; in many ways very different than some other Eastern Sierra 14ers. This was the first 14er me this summer as a start for Mt Whitney later in the week, basically to get me acclimated. Well I made it in about 7.5 hrs hiking up and down with a 1-hour break on the top on an absolutely beautiful, but not totally clear day. Most importantly is that the unpaved road to the start of the hike is in tremendous bad shape, I would recommend a rental 4x4 or old beater car to get you to the base of the climb. I decided to drive ahead anyhow, but luckily did not break down with my car. Find attached some pictures:

Reviewed by Chaz on 9/2/2007
Overnighted at Grandview campground, and on the trail at 7:23am the next morning. About 4:14 up, 3 down. Abouthalf hour on top, but my companion had a very rough time with the altitude. It was blowing hard and chilly all day, and on this hike, you're exposed a lot (no trees to block). Still - tres cool and my first 14'er. Only altitude effect I felt was a little lightheadedness. A great Whitney tuneup..

Reviewed by A Haynes on 8/7/2007
Yes, Mountain bikers regularly do this peak. Unicycles too.

Reviewed by Caesar on 6/27/2007
Hey, can you bike ride to the summit? Have anyone done it?

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