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Bear Peak

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Up a wooded canyon to a peak that overlooks Boulder
Near:Boulder, CO
Distance:6.75 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:2829 ft
Hike Time:4.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: This hike starts in the plains of the foothills along townee trail. It then connects to shadow canyon trail and enters a cool wooded canyon. At the top of the canyon a short trail takes you to the top of Bear Peak. This peak overlooks Boulder.
Trailhead: From Boulder, head south on CO 93 for about 1.5 miles. Turn west toward Eldorado Springs and travel about 2 miles to the trailhead on the north side. (Lat:39.93857 Lon:-105.25835)
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Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Dennis Camell, who has posted  21 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by Alan G. on 4/1/2013
Started up with a large group of (younger) meet up people from Eldorado in 06. It got very steep towards the end & slowed me down plenty being not really in shape nor a 20 yr. old! We ate at the ridge between Bear & South Peak. It was rumored to have lots of mosquitos on Bear so they all went there & yet got swarmed! Being intrepid, nevertheless, I went solo, north to Bear Pk. & it was incredible. My cell phone didn't know what tower to use in my call to my mom in Santa Barbara. I continued north to Fern Canyon, down to Mesa Trail, back south toward Devil's Thumb, running most all of the way. Gorgeous! A recent Mt. Lion attack on a human reported, & wouldn't suggest solo, but sure was great!! Be careful parking!!

Reviewed by Nathan on 11/19/2011
Very good hike, I started at the atmospheric center and heade towards Mesa trail, took the fern canyon route. It was all up from there, pretty intense but challenging and a fun climb. It got pretty icy and slippery towards the top but finally came to bare rock at the summit. The summit is very narrow and pretty steep drops to the east and west slope. Gorgeous views from the top, don't forget your camera!!

Reviewed by GC on 7/9/2011
Attempted this hike with a friend on July 5. We were about 2 hours in when we saw a black bear and her cub. We turned around and hiked out. :( Just got spooked and chose to let it go! But, I love this hike and will do it again soon. I have heard to go up Fern Canyon as the chosen loop route.

Reviewed by Austin P on 2/21/2011
Hiked today Presidents Day 2011 and had a wonderful time. For February it was nice we had clear skies but just a little wind. We started at about 1030 and this was my first along with my friend's first Colorado hike so we mad it up around 1300 and it was beautiful. At the top we ate a few snacks, chomped through some energy bars and jammed to the radio for about 30 min or so. What an awesome experience to be sitting at the summit. This will always be one of my favorites just because it was my first Colorado Hike. On the way down I thought we would be alone but little did we know we passed two couples on the way about at almost 1500. We finally arrived back at the car all in one piece at about 1610 and man was it an awesome day.

Reviewed by NTP on 12/13/2010
I went up Bear Peak starting out from Mesa Trail which starts at the center for Atmospheric Research, then I lollipopped around up through Bear Canyon, up Bear Peak, through the very steep Fern Canyon, back to Mesa Trail. It ended up being about a 9 mile, pretty strenuous loop. . .I'd definitely recommend being in great shape to do it (which I wasn't). View of the snow-capped continental divide to the west and the plains as far as the eye can see to the east were TOTALLY worth the climb.

Reviewed by JG on 9/2/2010
Good short conditioning hike. I grabbed a map to figure out elevation gain and you get just over 2000' in about a mile and half to 2 miles. Overall the hike is about 4 miles one way but the first 2 miles is pretty flat and you actually lose some elevation from the parking lot. We took the Fern Canyon route. As soon as you start Fern canyon it's just up from there. We hit the peak in just under 2 hrs and round tripped just over 3 but we were moving pretty quick. The view was great at the top. It was definitely a good workout though.

Reviewed by Jay on 8/22/2010
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Reviewed by Adam on 3/22/2010
What a fun and challenging hike. Climbed to the top by way of the shadow canyon route on 3/21/2010. There was several feet of snow with the spring like weather. The snow melted a ton during the climb. I climbed it with a friend and my dog. Take care of your pets at the top. There are several exposed parts that could prove very difficult and fatal to a curious pet. This will be put on my list of favorites to visit again and again.

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