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Mt Greylock via Money Brook Trail

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Beautiful hike starts along Money Brook and follows it to a waterfall.
Near:Williamstown, MA
Distance:9.7 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:2950 ft
Hike Time:5.5 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail

Summary: This hike is one of the best hikes in the Berkshire region because it takes in the tallest mountain in Massachusetts, and it follow Money Brook at the start, which makes for a very nice gradual start to this difficult hike. Money Brook trail starts gradual and works its way up the deep valley between Greylock and Mt Prospect. The trail passes a beautiful waterfall that is worth diverting from the trail for. At the head of the valley the trail joins the Appalachian Trail and follow the AT South over Mt Williams, Mt Fitch and on to Greylock summit with pretty good view on Fitch and Williams. The views from Greylock summit are spectacular. Returning from the summit Continue South on the AT to the Hopper Trail, follow Hopper trail thru the campground on Sperry Road out to stony ledge with spectacular views of greylock and the Hopper. A trail continues past a lean to, take the Haley Farm Trail on the right which ends up right where you started.
Trailhead: The trailhead is located on Hopper Road in Williamstown MA. From Route 7 traveling North take a right at the five corners store in South Williamstown. Follow the Green River Road for a few miles and take a right across a bridge at Mt Hope Park onto Hopper Road. Follow this road past Bresset Road, you will see signs for the trailhead and hiking. Parking is near a farm at the end of the road about 2.8 miles from Green River Road. (Lat:42.39 Lon:-73.12)
Trail Guides for Mt Greylock via Money Brook Trail:
Hike and Walks in the Berkshire Hills
by Lauren Stevens ()

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Summer,
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Mr X
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Shaun OBoyle. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
Trail Reviews  Submit your own review
Reviewed by DL on 8/18/2014
Great hike! Well worth going to see the waterfall. Leave plenty of time if not experiance hiker. Like many others, I would have to say its easy to get lost. The trail was well marked in the beginning and ok at the end, but very poorly marked in the middle, with markers far and few between. BRING A MAP. We had to use it alot to figure out where we were.

Reviewed by Viewer on 11/6/2013
I did this hike yesterday by myself and was lost for over an hour. I am not an experienced hiker, but am in excellent physical condition,and was in Williamstown visiting the college. The trail is well-marked at the beginning, but then as the trail continues, it is very difficult to see the blue markings on the trees. Coming back, the trail is much less well-marked. At two of the stream crossings coming back, it is very easy to lose the trail, and I did. Do NOT attempt this trail alone, and leave plenty of time to get lost. It was a traumatic ending to an otherwise serene and lovely hike.

Reviewed by Peter on 4/26/2010
Great hike, only saw one section hiker near the summit of Greylock. Bascome lodge was not open for the season, no one top due to rain. Lots of spring flowers, great views from the ledges and Summit. The trails are well marked now with new style signs. I took the first left after the cut off to Money Brook Falls which brings you out to Notch Road. Cross Notch Rd. continue up hill, I did not take the "ski trail" but continued straight on up to the intersection with the AT, then AT south up over Fitch and joins the Thunderbolt Ski Trail. The trail to the summit is 50' wide! When you leave the summit start at the Large Radio tower and continue south on the AT cross the paved road and take the Hopper trail to Stony Ledge and Haley Farm

Reviewed by tem on 8/9/2006
The trail markings got confusing near the top of Fitch/Williams. We ended up having to backtrack north on the AT to hit the Williams peak but the rest was clearly marked and easy to follow. We took the Dear Hill trail so that we could spend a dry night in the leanto. The trail is very steep in spots but the waterfall is worth the diversion (depending on how heavy your pack is)

Reviewed by Jess on 7/26/2005
Great hike with options for loops back to the start (get a map at the summit of Greylock to plan yourreturn). Trail along Money Brook is well marked. We did, however, get off track after one creek crossing, but we realized it soon & went back to look for blue marks on trees. I recommend the side trail to waterfalls. It's a short walk, plus, it was cool near with a nice breeze. We then continued towards Williams. Don't take the ski trail--it's not maintained in the summer. Views are limited from Williams and Fitch, but Greylock is great. Plus, there's a lodge where you can buy popsicles & other refreshing stuff so bring some money :) On the way back, be sure to take the road to Stony Ledge. It's a great view of all that you have just hi

Reviewed by Gco on 5/12/2005
Hike was great, did it on 4/30 it was raining and windy, but all in all a good hike. We did end up getting al ittle lost and did not connect with the Hopper on top, so we followed AT south to Dynamite, ended up around 15 miles I beleive, would recomend. Deep Play

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