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Squaw Mountain

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Hike to peak overlooking continental divide and Mt. Evans
Near:Evergreen, CO
Distance:4.75 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1200 ft
Hike Time:3 hours
Trail Condition:Well maintained trail
HikeType:Out and Back

Summary: Easy walk up a forest service road. It can be driven for much of the way in the summer. In winter, this is a VERY popular snowshoeing trip. Parking fills up early. Head up the road, after 0.4 miles, the road will intersect with the Old Squaw Pass Road, now a trail from the west and a dirt road from the east. After another 1/3 mile you will reach a switchback and the road will start to climb. Just beyond the switchback, the road is gated. (The area just before the switchback is obviously a party location for the locals.) Continue following the road to the top. The last 1/2-1 mile is steady and fairly steep with switchbacks. The top is filled with radio equipment, so don't expect a wilderness expereicne. To the right, there is a firewatch tower on one peak. To the left, a rocky peak between antennas. Nice view to the west and to the east. It is a nice hike in the summer, but is best on snowshoes.
Trailhead: From the intersection of CO-74 (Evergreen Parkway) and CO-103 (Squaw Passs Road), go west for approximately 12 miles west Just after you pass the turnoff to Echo Mountain Ski Area, there is a dirt road on the left side of the main road. Park here or, if the parking area is filled, continue another up the hill and park at the intersection with the Old Squaw pass road. You will have to hike back down the old Squaw pass road to meet the other road. (Lat:39.6809 Lon:-105.494)
Trail Guides for Squaw Mountain:
Snowshoeing Colorado
by Claire Walter  ()

Snowshoeing Colorado
by Claire Walter  ()

Snowshoeing Colorado
by Claire Walter  ()

Best Seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter,
User Groups: Hikers, Dogs, Bikes, Horses,
Ranger Contact: U.S. Forest Service Idaho Springs, CO (303) 567-3000
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Keith Robinson, who has posted  5 other hikes on this site
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Reviewed by NCO on 5/4/2015
Not sure why people with guns are always referred to as rednecks. I hiked this trail today and there were several people along the road who were shooting recreationally. As I passed, they stopped shooting, put their guns down, and said hello as I hiked. They even waited until I was a safe distance away before they started shooting again. I realize that not all people are the same, but the ones I ran into were nothing but pleasant. And even though the gunfire was noisy, the hike was great. The steady incline to the top gets a good burn in the legs and lungs. The summit offered nice views of Mt. Evans and the Continental Divide, and the lookout tower peaked my interest as a place I might like to stay for a couple nights sometime in the future

Reviewed by AF on 1/12/2014
After contacting the Regional Forest Director it seems there is nothing anyone can do to get the practice shooters to clean up the area. It was referred to the local sheriffs office but they don't have the man power to control them. Too bad someone can't buy some land and offer a practice shooting range club.

Reviewed by AH on 6/17/2013
Just for the record, not all of us shooters are rednecks who dont clean up after ourselves. Many of us hate the mess as much as everyone else.

Reviewed by Lucas on 5/27/2013
BE VERY CAREFUL. Unfortunately, the rednecks mentioned in other reviews are STILL using this area to recklessly play with their guns. We were too afraid to proceed on the trail due to the incessant/nearby gunfire and the road/trail was littered with shotgun shell casings. It's a shame these negligent rednecks have taken over such a beautiful spot.

Reviewed by AF on 3/9/2013
I regret to say that yesterday while trying to ave a nice day snow shoeing on Squaw Pass Co-103 there were a tremendous amount of gun shell casings and Winchester shell boxes littered all over the ground . I have been on this trail for the last 10 years and have never seen this situation. Not only were there casings all over on the trail and on the hillside there were 2 people target shooting on the trail. As we passed on the trail they stopped and put their hand guns away and moved over from the trail. The rules say they have to carry out their shell casings and target boxes which did not happen. They are supposed to not be on the trail but were there. A woman with 3 dogs stopped and said the target shooters bring in windshiel

Reviewed by Big D on 3/5/2013
I did this hike as a kid one summer as an outing with Jeffco Schools Outdoor Education Camp. I have fond memories of it, even though we hiked the road. I still have the card I earned for making the summit. It cerified me as "a member of the ancient and honorable order of squirrels." Maybe that should go on my resume...

Reviewed by HB on 9/29/2012
I never made it past the red necks shooting across the access road who stated "it would be unsafe for you to pass with all of the gunfire!" Due to the local inhabitants and their extreme disrespect for this area, I would avoid this hike for safety reasons! They have also left trash, a burned out car, shell casings, and other debris all over the area where shooting is permitted ... very sad ...

Reviewed by Jennifer on 6/5/2011
Fantastic view but other than that very lousy. It's a park road which is fine but some red necks set up camp half way up shooting incessantly and left behind a carcass, perfume bottle, all sorts of beer cans and shoes. Not pleasant. View was wonderful and quite the incline but not worth it. Got to Maxwell Falls invergreen!

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