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Tripyramids - Tripyramid Tr -North and South Slide

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Great views. Challenging and strenous. 45 degree climbs for extended periods.
Near:Waterville Valley, NH
Distance:10 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:2849 ft
Hike Time:7 hours
Trail Condition:Poorly maintained trail

Summary: Take Livermore rd east until you hit the Tripyramid North Slide Trail. If weather is dry, climb it up. Be prepared for strenuous, extended climb at a 45 degree angle or more with not too many places to put your hands and feet. Be very careful. If it is wet, you may want to walk a bit longer on the Livermore trail and climb using the Scaur Ridge Trail.

Enjoy the views on the way up and on the way down. The views from the top are not as stunning as other mountains.

Once you finish climbing the North Ridge, you may want to rest on the North Tripyramid for a while, before continuing to the Middle and South Tripyramids (easy hike there). Climbing down is through the Tripyramid Trail, South Slide. The surface here is granular, so it will be easier to climb down via the south than via the north (but it will still take time). Once you reach the Livermore Rd, walk back to the car.

You will not forget this hike.

Trailhead: From the Waterville Valley: go to the Tripoli Rd in the north direction. Just at the begining of it you will find the parking lot on the left. From Tripoli Rd it is almost at the end of it on the Left.

From Boston, you may want to take I-93 until you hit the Tripoli Rd or the Waterville Valley Exits. (Lat:43.96528 Lon:-71.51505)

Trail Guides for Tripyramids - Tripyramid Tr -North and South Slide:
White mountain guide 27th edition
by Gene Daniell and Jon Burroughs (AMC) (AMC)

Best Seasons: Year-Round
User Groups: Hikers,
Ranger Contact: Saco Ranger District, Conway, NH 03818, 603-447-5448
Localhikes Reporter: This hike was submitted by Jose Anes, who has posted  25 other hikes on this site. To visit this reporters web site, click here.
Trail Reviews  Submit your own review
Reviewed by JRM on 10/22/2012
Fun hike! It had rained in the night and the north slide was very wet and slick but still climbable given help from trees, cracks, and the nylon webbing our trip leader had on hand. Definitely not for beginner hikers or anyone afraid of heights.

Reviewed by Jack on 11/5/2010
This is an awesome hike. The north slide is a hell of a challenge, but getting to the top is well worth it. **WARNING** - when you get to the top of the North Slide look for the trail off to your left. If you go straight ahead (as I did, my friends did, and other reviewers did) you will end up bushwhacking through thick woods via an unmaintained trail. The main trail is off to the left a little bit, and is both easier AND shorter. ** The trail over the ridge is uneventful, and the best views are afforded on Middle Tripyramid, though even there the views are sparse at best. Going down the South slide is also quite challenging - watch your step. I would definitely not recommend this hike to anyone but experienced hikers.

Reviewed by sun also rises on 9/16/2009
This is a great hike. Climbing the north slide is a huge sense of accomplishment. The views along the way are excellent. Middle peak and the south slide feel like a breeze after the north slide but still solid accomplishments. Highly recommended but a definite challenge.

Reviewed by Gokul on 5/16/2009
This was a great hike. I did it alone, doing the loop starting on the North Slide and descending at the South Peak end. Climbing the slide was fun and afforded some great views. (Warning: Keep track of the yellow markers here. When I got to the top of the slide, I had lost the trail. I crawled through the forest, literally - it was really think, and I was often on all fours, hoping that climbing uphill would reunite me with the trail at the peak. Fortunately, it did!) The rest of the hike was easier (and not as much fun) but there were some good views on the descent as well. The peaks themselves are heavily forested and do not afford views of anything. Much of the trail between the North and South peaks was still snow covered (mid Ma

Reviewed by Geoff on 9/25/2007
We hiked the Tripyramid loop on 9/23/2007. As a 4000 footer club member I'd bagged these peaks years ago, but had never climbed the North Slide. Turns out I missed out on one of the very best views in the White Mountains. Crystal clear air gave us a phenomenal panorama - from Franconia Ridge to the Presidentials and everything in between. Awesome! The hike is challenging, and since friction is what keeps you heading uphill I wouldn't recommend it in the rain. But even if you're put off by the steepness and exposure of the slide you can still hike down from the Pine Bend trail to take in the view from the top of the slide. Very Highly Recommended!!!!

Reviewed by JAB on 5/29/2007
The north side is, well.... Not for the novice hiker. If you do this trail be sure to do the hike with someone and not alone. My brother and I just did this hike and it was very difficult. After the north landslide part the trail is almost impossible to find and well I kinda felt I was just hiking in thick overgrown mountain trees. The rest of the hike wasn't to bad however the middle and south peak trails were maintained and passable, meaning i didnt fear death. Took about 8 hrs with pleanty of rest.

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